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New Course: Design Print-Ready Calendars

Why buy calendars each year, when you can learn to make your own? In Design Print-Ready Calendars, you’ll use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to create two print-ready calendars: a compact calendar and a wall calendar. 

What You’ll Learn

As you complete the calendar projects, you'll explore two different ways of creating the months: first making use of linked text frames in InDesign, and then using the calendar wizard script. Not only will you be getting a good use of InDesign out of this course, you'll also be creating two different style designs for your calendars. 

desk calendar created in course

By the end of the course you’ll have a greater understanding of the powers of InDesign, and you’ll know two different methods for creating calendar pages and monthly dates. At the same time, you’ll pick up some advanced styling tips and tricks, as well as learning some important design principles and effects.

wall calendar created in course

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