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New Course: Create Product Mock-Ups in Adobe Photoshop

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When pitching a design, the presentation can be crucial to convincing the client to go with a concept. In Create Product Mock-Ups in Adobe Photoshop, you’ll get a better understanding of how to create product mock-ups in Adobe Photoshop and how to create realistic presentations of product concepts. 

Box mock-upBox mock-upBox mock-up

What You’ll Learn

So you have a cool design and you know that the client will love it, but what if you had a great-looking mock-up as well? What if you could turn the flat 2D design into a 3D-like presentation? 

Brochure mock-upBrochure mock-upBrochure mock-up

In this course you will learn how to create such mock-ups so you can wow your client and close the deal.

Business card mock-upBusiness card mock-upBusiness card mock-up

Tuts+ instructor Simona Pfreundner will teach you how to create your own unique mock-ups. You'll learn how to create some of the most common mock-ups, such as brochures, advertising and product packaging, but the possibilities are endless, and most of the tools, tips and tricks can be applied to many other mock-ups that you might want to create.

Watch the Introduction

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