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More Than 620 Bokeh Background Textures

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As I'm sure you already know, textures can come in very handy; whether you're using them to subtly add interest to your work, or in full-blown, award-winning photo manipulations. Bokeh is the term used to explain the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur in photography, and is usually seen in good quality macro shots, in the areas that lay outside the depth of field.

As bokeh is more than often very pleasing to the eye, photographers tend to purposely produce bokeh in their images, and sometimes deliberately take out-of-focus shots to take images that show nothing other than bokeh. Designers have picked up on this, and over the years there has been a huge increase of bokeh being used in graphic, print, and web design. This round-up consists of a whopping 626 textures, both free (the majority) and premium, which you can use to spice up your photos, as backgrounds for your latest web design, and, as most of them are high resolution, even in your print design projects.

Free Bokeh Textures

Take a look at these incredible free bokeh textures available on the web.

Five Colourful Bokeh Textures (5 Textures)

Out of Focus: 30 Free Bokeh Textures (30 Textures)

Colored Grungy Bokeh Textures (5 Textures)

Raining Light Bokeh Pack (11 Textures)

Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock (1 Texture)

Heart Bokeh Textures (3 Textures)

Bokeh Collection (4 Textures)

Bokeh 2 (1 Texture)

Bokeh Textures Pack (10 Textures)

Bokeh Texture 3 (1 Texture)

High Resolution Bokeh Texture (5 Textures)

Bokeh Texture Pack 001 (20 Textures)

Rainy Night Street Light Bokeh (1 Texture)

Grungy Bokeh Pack (6 Textures)

Bokeh Collection II (5 Textures)

Bokeh Stock Images (11 Textures)

Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack (33 Textures)

Bokeh Texture Pack 002 (10 Textures)

Bokeh Pack 2 (27 Textures)

Regularjane's Bokeh Textures (11 Textures)

Christmas Bokeh Stock Pack (15 Textures)

Bokeh Super Pack (14 Textures)

Bokeh Pack 5 (22 Textures)

Bokeh Texture Pack 003 (14 Textures)

Bokeh Pack 6 (30 Textures)

My First Bokeh (1 Texture)

Bokeh Texture Pack 004 (7 Textures)

Bokeh Pack 3 (39 Textures)

Royale Bokeh (4 Textures)

Lensbabie Bokeh Stock 2 (14 Textures)

Bokeh Texture (1 Texture)

Lensbabie Bokeh Madness Stock (13 Textures)

Bokeh Textures (5 Textures)

Bokeh Textures (10 Textures)

Freaky Distorted Bokeh (5 Textures)

Night Bokeh (4 Textures)

Color Bokeh Textures Pack (4 Textures)

Bokeh Pack 4 (20 Textures)

Bokeh Bubbles Icon Textures (24 Textures)

Grungy Abstract Bokeh Textures (3 Textures)

Heart Bokeh Pack (6 Textures)

Water Bokeh Stock (9 Textures)

Natural Bokeh (4 Textures)

Bokeh VII (3 Textures)

Premium Bokeh Textures

Take a look at these incredible premium bokeh textures available on the web.

Circle of Bokeh (1 Texture, PSD Included - $3)

Light Bokeh Abstract Background (14 Textures/Backgrounds, PSD Included - $4)

Bokeh Effect Background (10 Textures/Backgrounds, PSD Included - $3)

60 Bokeh Abstracts (60 Textures - $5)

7 Bokeh Textures (7 Textures - $6)

Bokeh Backgrounds (4 Textures - $3)

8 Bokeh Effect Backgrounds (8 Textures/Backgrounds, PSD Included - $4)

44+ Mosaic Bokeh with Pluses (44+ Textures/Backgrounds, PSD Included - $5)

8 Colorful Abstract Backgrounds (8 Textures/Backgrounds - $8)

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