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Mobiletuts+ Launches Design Emphasis!

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Mobiletuts+ is pleased to announce that we are now consistently publishing tutorials on mobile design! We will be publishing 2 - 3 times per week on mobile design theory and Photoshop in addition to continuing our coverage of application programming and marketing tips. In celebration of our design launch, MobileLove.org is offering a discount to all Mobiletuts+ readers on a mobile design icon set and iPhone book bundle!

Kickoff Content

iPhone Design 101

iPhone Design 101 SeriesiPhone Design 101 SeriesiPhone Design 101 Series

This 10 part series will be a comprehensive introduction to designing for the iPhone. Author Jen Gordon will dive into what makes designing for mobile different from the web, unique hardware considerations concerning mobile devices, icon design tips, iOS design templates, and more! It will be published on a weekly basis, so be sure to subscribe via RSS or E-mail to receive updates!

Design an iPhone Bank App in Photoshop

Design an iPhone Bank AppDesign an iPhone Bank AppDesign an iPhone Bank App

This two part series will show you how to design a beautiful financial application for the iPhone. Author Callum Chapman will demonstrate each step in Photoshop, teaching you valuable skills that you can apply to your own mobile projects!

Design Bundle for Mobiletuts+ Readers

Design Bundle ImageDesign Bundle ImageDesign Bundle Image

In celebration of our mobile design kickoff, MobileLove.org is offering a discount of $10 off the list price for all Mobiletuts+ readers on a great design bundle. The bundle features 196 vector icons that can be used in your mobile apps and a 56 page e-book titled How to Make Your First iPhone App. Click-through to the Mobiletuts+ post and scroll to the bottom for the discount information!

Call for Mobile Design Authors

Are you a talented mobile designer interested in writing about what designing for iOS, Android, Blackberry, or WP7 has taught you? We are actively recruiting authors to contribute design content for publication with Mobiletuts+. If you have a quick tip or story to share from a recent design project or if you would like to write a step-by-step design tutorial showing how to build an app design in Photoshop, we want to hear from you!

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