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May the Inspiration Be With You! 21 Space-Themed Tutorials


Are you excited about the continuation of the Star Wars saga? So are we! On this occasion we've prepared a list of space-themed tutorials you can find on our site. Do you want to create fan art for Star Wars? Or maybe you want to create an epic battle scene with planets and explosions in the background? Check it out and celebrate with us by learning!

Fan Art

Do you want to show others your obsession about Star Wars? There's no better way than to create a piece of fan art!



Movie Classics Text Effects

Use these text effects to make any caption look as if it comes straight from a movie!

star wars text effect buy

Space and Planets

You can use Photoshop to create amazing space scenes from scratch or by photo manipulation. Discover unknown worlds, or create a new one. If you'd rather have some scalable fun, there's something for Illustrator, too!



10 Space Backgrounds

A set of colorful space backgrounds for your projects.

space backgrounds download

Centauri—Futuristic Font

This font will make any text futuristic!

space text font

Set of Space Icons and Infographics Elements

Use this beautifully designed set to create an infographic about our universe.

space cosmos icons download

Space Pack

Do you need some planets? We've got them!

space palnets graphics downlaod

Space Set

Simple and colorful icons for all your needs.

space icon colorful set download

Space Nebula Backgrounds

Professional-looking, good quality backgrounds, perfect for photo-manipulation.

space background nebula download

Space Backgrounds VOL 1

A set of abstract backgrounds that you can use for more than space-themed projects.

space backgrounds abstract download

Rocket Launch

You can use this illustration to show your website is preparing to launch.

rocket graphic download

Aliens and Robots

The cosmos would be boring without aliens and futuristic robots! Boost your creativity with our tutorials.



Alien Starship Tunnel Background Set

A great set of backgrounds for any cosmic project.

alien ship background download
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