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Master Adobe Illustrator With These 9 Courses

If you want to master Adobe Illustrator, these nine courses will give you a solid foundation to work from. Whether you're a beginner who wants an introduction to the essential features or a more advanced user who wants to learn new techniques, there's something here for you.

So browse through the list, watch the quick introduction videos, and decide what you want to learn: logo design, typography, product mockups, animated icons? Or perhaps you want to master the Pen Tool or create some cool vector silhouettes. Or are you looking for a comprehensive course that takes you through the tools, panels and other features of Illustrator from start to finish? You can find all of that and more here.

1. Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

This first course may be primarily about logo design, but it's also a great introduction to the most important tools, panels and features of Illustrator. Instructor Daniel White takes you on a guided tour through Illustrator, showing you how everything works, before putting it all into practice by creating a complete logo design.

2. How to Use the Touch Type Tool in Adobe Illustrator

Let's move from a general course to a very specific one. In this quick, ten-minute Coffee Break Course, illustrator Simona Pfreundner shows you how to use the Touch Type Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. The Touch Type Tool can manipulate the individual characters in type as if they were separate objects. This makes this tool extremely useful as you don't have to worry about making stylistic changes to your type that make it hard to change later on.

3. Creative Typography

This is really two courses in one. It will teach you how to create beautiful typography and custom lettering in Illustrator and Photoshop, but instructor Matt Withers also focuses heavily on the creative process, helping you hone your creativity as you design a piece of concept-driven, typographic artwork. If you are looking to get the most out of your creativity, and you have a keen eye for typography, this is the course for you.

4. Creating Product Mockups With Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Product mockups are a great way of helping your clients visualize how your designs will look in the real world. In this course, Grace Fussell will show you how to create your own 3D product mockups, using Adobe Illustrator to create 3D shapes and Adobe Photoshop to edit and enhance your designs. This is an immersive, easy-to-follow introduction to some of the tricks and techniques used by professional designers to create photorealistic mockups of their packaging designs.

5. The Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator

If you're looking for a solid introduction to Illustrator, or a refresher on some of its main features, this course is ideal for you. Simona Pfreundner walks you through the fundamentals of the program, so that by the end, you will be comfortable with how to use it and hopefully inspired to learn more about it.

6. Animating Icons With Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

Animated icons can liven up the user experience for anything from an app or website to a video game. Join concept artist Jonathan Lam to discover the step-by-step process of creating icons in Adobe Illustrator and exporting them to After Effects to animate them.

This course is perfect for designers, illustrators and game artists who are interested in animation and motion graphics.

7. How to Use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator

The Pen Tool is without doubt one of the trickiest tools to use in Adobe Illustrator. But once mastered, it can also be the most useful tool. In this Coffee Break Course, instructor Simona Pfreundner will show you how to get to grips with using this tool, so you can become more confident and hopefully more productive in your design work.

8. Vector Silhouettes for Beginners

If you're relatively new to Illustrator and haven't mastered the Pen Tool yet, try this course to discover how you can create great end results by following some simple steps. Tuts+ Design & Illustration Editor Sharon Milne walks you through the process of creating two fun silhouette-based projects, helping you learn some great new tools and processes along the way.

9. Mastering Color in Adobe Illustrator

When you're learning new design skills, it can be easy to overlook something simple and fundamental like color. Although you learned the fundamentals of colors as a child, there's a lot more to discover. The right colors can set a mood, change a mood, and communicate all sorts of things. 

In this course, Simona Pfreundner will show you how to color your artwork in Adobe Illustrator, how to be really efficient with it, and how to use color to spark your creativity.

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