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Massive Collection of Vintage Vector Graphics: Floral Borders, Corners, and Frames

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Welcome design rockstar, today you're in for a real treat. We have a massive collection of vector graphics compiled for free download today. We've assembled vintage vector floral graphics that have antique floral borders, classic ornate corners, and decorative frames.

These vintage design elements are great for adding a classic flavor to your next design. Need to embellish a wedding invitation, add a worn decorative feel to a website, include ornaments in a logo design, then we have you covered. These lovely vector frames, borders, and corers are available in EPS, SVG, AI and other vector formats for free download. Whether you prefer Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or another vector software package, you can download these sets and use them in your work. Download these free vintage vector graphics today.

Many of these graphics are available for commercial use, as well as personal use. Some may have stronger restrictions though, so (as always) check the usage rights before using.

Looking for a a Quick Solution?

There's a great collection of vintage floral graphics, borders, and illustrations over at Envato Market. Starting from just a few dollars, it's a great way to quickly build up a collection of high-quality graphics for your collection!

Free Vintage Floral Graphics for Vector Designers

Free Vector Floral Borders

This set of 20 vintage vector border elements are available over on This set has a variety of floral border vectors, adorned with swirls and attractive, classically designed ornaments. These are an excellent solution for adding a floral vector art to your work. Grab them for free in AI and CSH vector formats.


Vector Freebies: 12 Floral Borders & Dividers

This vintage vector freebie is designed by AiFactory. It's composed of 12 floral borders and dividers. These free vector floral ornaments are excellent to use for decorating your next design. They have a classic, organic flow to them, are made up of numerous swirling elements, and are well crafted. Grab these decorative vector borders for free, available in EPS format.


Antique Frames and Vector Ornaments

This free vector download is a collection of antique frames and vintage ornaments. This file has 11 decorative vector borders and other elements. Many appear to be scanned from old documents. They have classic floral designs, as well as organic symbols, such as vines and leaves. Download these free vector frames now, which are available in EPS format.


Free Vector Art Border with Scrolls & Florals; Ornate, Detailed, Antique

If you're looking for an ornate vector frame to use as an antique element in your design, then you've found a beautiful file to use. This vector picture frame is decorated with organic swirls, foliage, and florals. It has an intricate design, that only something scanned from history has. This ornate frame vector is available in EPS and high resolution (high res) transparent PSD.


Floral Craft Art Frame

This thick, rustic floral craft art frame is available in both black and copper toned gradient. This vintage frame vector is adorned with floral elements, decorative organic foliage, and classic curves. It has a grandiose Art Nouveau deco feel. Grab these floral border vectors for free, available in AI format.


Vintage Vector Floral Frame

This vintage frame vector shows sample text inclosed in a frame made up of numerous botanical elements. This ornate frame vector is composed of spring imagery, such as a detailed flower, swirling abstract vines, branches with curved floral pods, and elegant foliage. This free vector frame is available in EPS format.


Free Vintage Floral Frame

Designious put together this free vintage frame vector, which is composed of elements from two of its Premium packs. This is an excellent example of the quality of their work. This decorative vector border is made of a botanical theme, with detailed deco flowers, swirling organic forms, and decorative natural elements. Grab this ornate frame vector for free, available as an EPS file.


Vector Floral Picture Frames

This set of 3 ornate vector frames and borders are made by Designious. They are great to center text inside, hang a message from, or decorate the edges of your design. They are composed of vector floral ornaments and a mix of swirls and organic deco. Grab these free borders and frames, available in vector EPS format.


Corner Ornament - Italian Style

This vintage corner vector has an intricate vine design, interwoven over a solid border. This corner graphic can be composed into a vintage vector frame. The corner has a detailed design, with a flowing Italian style, composed of a mix of botanical elements, such as flowers, leaves, and spring vectors. This vector corner graphic is available for free in EPS and SVG formats.


Free Borders and Vector Flourishes

This vintage vector frame is available along with a set of vector flourishes. Grab these intricately designed vector flourishes with the floral border. The antique style on display here would make an excellent decorative element to add to your next wedding invitation, birthday announcement, or other design. This free vector frame and flourish file is available in EPS format.


Art Nouveau Floral Design

This Art Nouveau inspired floral vector frame is made up of daisies, leaves, and fines. Grab this decorative spring vector. Use it in your next design to frame your text and add a floral blossoming feel to your work. This vintage frame vector is available in SVG format for free download.


Free Antique Frame Vector Graphic

This free antique frame vector is scanned in and vectorized by It's made from an illustration that is over 100 years old. It's filled with detailed spring graphics, such as string instrument, flowers, and organic swirls of leaves and vines. The text areas are set off by borders, such as wooden frames and classic scrolls. This vintage border and frame is available for free vector download as an EPS file.


Antique Ornaments Vector Pack

There are nine scanned vector ornamental designs in this pack. I really like these designs that found from old books. There are are 9 vintage vector graphics in this set and some of them are borders. There are a few styles on display here, many composed of intricate patterns of floral swirls and curls. Grab this free antique set of vector graphics, which are available in EPS format.


Free Floral Borders

There are 12 floral border vectors in this free vector graphic set. They are composed of organic elements, but very simple in style. Use these in your next decorative design that is calling out for a stark vintage graphic feel. Add these free vector ornaments as needed. This file is available as a free vector download in AI and CSH formats.


Vintage Frame Vector Clip Art

There are two vintage vector frames in this set (one shown below). Both of these frames set off text and are composed in classic document format. This free set of vintage vector clipart is available in EPS format. Download these vector frames today to use to give your next document a professional, classic design.


Vector Floral Frames, Borders & Corners

Creative use of floral frames, borders, and corners bring a classic flavor to your logo, graphic, and web design work. They can be used to set off text and photos, making any design element more attractive, whether it's a wedding invitation, bridal shower announcement, or baby centered logo. Grab these free floral frames, borders, and corners in vector AI format.


Free Vector Swooshes, and Fancy Corner Designs

This set of decorative vector corners is designed by Jay Hilgert and available over on his site Bittbox as free AI and SVG files. Follow up on his site if you're interested in creating your own decorative swoosh and curl designs as well. These organic style vector floral elements are great for using in a vintage design.


Vintage Floral Frame Vector Illustration

This vintage vector frame is beautiful, with floral swirls, leafy foliage, and plenty of white space. You can use this to frame your text, photo, and add a classic style to your next design. This decorative floral ornament frame is available in EPS format for free. Open it in Adobe Illustrator after downloading.


Vintage Floral Frame Vector

This traditional design element is available in vector format to open in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or other vector software. It's an intricate craft design you can use to frame your design elements. This vintage vector frame is available for free download in AI and EPS format. Use this beautiful floral swirl frame in your next design.


Free Floral Frame

Craftsmanspace put together this free clipart floral frame. It's available in vector format as a free download in universal SVG format. Use this decorative floral frame to color your next design. Add a touch of vector floral ornamentation to your next design to enclose your text or images in an intricate foliage frame.


More Free Vintage Vector Graphics from Vectortuts+

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