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Let's Find Out What's New in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CC!


If you're like me, you've been glued to your screens today, checking out what is new in the Adobe family, over on AdobeMAX. With a passionate initial keynote speech, we've been given a great look at what's coming for the newly titled Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) family! Don't worry if you've missed it, the keynote presentations are available online to watch over and over again.

So what's new in our favorite vector programs? Check out these fantastic videos from Adobe TV to find out just a handful of what's being added to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CC. Be sure to tell us which features you're excited to try out! We'll be on the ball come late June with some fresh CC content to show you some creative projects to try out your new tools.

Adobe Illustrator CC - Brush Fans and Typographers Rejoice!

Although Terry White gave us a little sneak peek at what new additions are coming for Adobe Illustrator CC, we didn't get an in depth look at the new tools soon to be available to us. We can't blame him of course, because the initial AdobeMAX keynote was just two hours long and as much as we'd love two hours of new Illustrator goodness, we can't be selfish. However, Rufus Deuchler - Adobe worldwide evangelist, shows us on Adobe TV, the new additions to Adobe Illustrator CC. Check out the videos below to find out more!

What's New in Adobe Illustrator CC

Rufus shows how Illustrator CC gives you new ways to explore the design elements you love — things like type, color, and brushes — plus great new features to efficiently take your designs to the web and power through production tasks.

Work With New Images in Brushes in Adobe Illustrator CC

Rufus shows you how to create complex organic designs quickly by painting with a brush made from a photo in Illustrator CC.

Discover the New Touch Type Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC

Rufus, shows how the new Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC lets you design with type in a powerful new way.

CSS Extraction in Illustrator CC

See how you can create websites faster by letting Illustrator CC generate CSS code for you — for text, objects, even entire layouts.

Introducing the Adobe Kuler iPhone App

Rufus shows how you can capture color inspiration using the new Adobe Kuler iPhone app and then sync your color theme for immediate use in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Adobe InDesign CC - Digital Publishing Just Got Sexier!

Sadly, if we can't have two hours of Adobe Illustrator, the same is with Adobe InDesign. However... Terry White, Worldwide evangelist, is here to show us some insight to the new features!

Adobe InDesign CC New Features

See how InDesign CC is faster, better, and sharper, with under-the-hood improvements and native 64-bit support that makes working on even the most complex documents speedier. And discover how new features make it easier to produce high-quality EPUB files, giving you greater control over the table of contents and CSS export, and making CSS editing simpler.

Discover How to Create QR Codes in InDesign CC

Terry shows you how to create crisp, clear QR codes right from within InDesign CC.

Discover Font Menu Enhancements in Adobe InDesign CC

Terry shows you how you can find the perfect font fast in InDesign CC. Search by family or style, save your favorites and see live font previews in your layout.

Introduction to Adobe InDesign CC and Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition

See how you can design engaging, interactive Single Edition iPad apps with interactivity directly in InDesign CC – without writing code. Learn how to install the DPS panels in InDesign CC, how to build an interactive slideshow, how to preview directly on the iPad before packaging – all in InDesign CC. Terry will also show you how to launch the DPS App Builder to learn how to package your app for submission to the Apple App Store using Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition.

There Is So Much More!

The features of the new versions of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign CC are not limited to these. In fact there are plenty more! Jump over to Adobe TV and scroll through the many videos on the new features of the CC family, including new features of Adobe Photoshop!

From what you've seen, what are your favorite new additions to Illustrator and InDesign?

Video text and article preview image is thanks to Adobe TV and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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