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Last Chance to Attend the Tuts+ Live Workshop (And Win a Ticket!)


We only have a handful of tickets left for the Tuts+ Live Workshop we're running this month, a live online workshop that will help you take your Photoshop knowledge and skill to the next level.

This is your last chance to grab a ticket if you'd like to attend, so head over to the workshop page for all the details. And read on for your chance to grab a free ticket worth $99...!

About the Workshop

Building a Career Around Photoshop is a live online workshop that will help you take your Photoshop knowledge and skill to the next level.

Attendees can join in each week, download video recordings of each session, take part in homework exercises, and interact with other attendees, live and from the comfort of your own home. During these workshops we will be covering photo editing and retouching, graphic and web design, user interface design, digital art, and much more.

Each weekly session lasts two hours, giving you the chance to receive live training from one of our post popular and talented authors — Martin Perhiniak. It is an amazing investment in your future career, and we think you are going to love everything we have planned!

Tip: We only have ten tickets left at the time of writing, so act fast if you'd like to join us for the workshop. We'd love to have you!

Leave a Comment to Win!

If you'd like to win one of the remaining tickets, just leave a comment on this post, letting us know what topic you think we should cover in the future Tuts+ Live Workshop. It's that easy! Be sure to use a current email address so we can contact you if you're a winner. The competition will run for exactly 48 hours. Best of luck!

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