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Kick-Start 2016 With 50 Beginner-Friendly Photoshop Tutorials

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2016 has officially begun, and we here at Envato Tuts+ want to make sure you keep your resolutions by helping you learn something new. From photo manipulation to digital painting and more, start the year off right by introducing yourself to Photoshop's unlimited potential.

Cover the Basics

There's no better place to start than the basics. The A to Z series features a comprehensive guide with a complete rundown of basic features, tools, and settings. You can also see more quick tips about these tools in the Photoshop in 60 Seconds series.

Beginner Resources: Custom Brushes

The right brush can go a long way. Whether it's a dainty decorative border, a splotchy grunge brush, or an awesome traditional watercolor style, learning how to create your own custom brushes is essential to your digital art. 

Photo Retouching

Photoshop tutorials wouldn't be complete without learning the basics of photo retouching. Learn how to use a wide range of tools for intensity and impact in all your photography. 

Photo Manipulation

Just getting started? Photo manipulations are a great way to get familiar with the versatility of Photoshop while creating beautiful art.

Digital Painting

Don't feel intimidated by the wonder of digital painting. With a tablet in hand and these quick tutorials, you'll be on your way to creating beautiful digital paintings in no time! 


Creating your own icons is the perfect way to add flair and personality to your brand. Follow along with the tutorials below to create these stunning yet simple designs. 

Photoshop Vectors

Although Photoshop is known for its extensive use with pixel-based images, you can incorporate vectors into your work too. See how in the tutorials below! 

Text Effects

Achieve beautiful text effects in just a few steps with these creative tutorials!

Photoshop for Kids

We have made Photoshop fun for all ages! Check out the Adobe Photoshop for Kids series for simple exercises to involve your family as a part of your learning process. 

Web Design

Integrate Photoshop into your web design workflow for ease and style. 

UI Design

Use Photoshop to create smart user interface design that is elegant and inviting.

Print Design

From flyers to business cards and more, these Photoshop tutorials have got you covered for a variety of print design needs. 

Tuts+ Courses

With an extensive library of design courses at your fingertips, take advantage of all that Envato Tuts+ has to offer you. Check out these courses, which are perfect for improving the fundamentals.

You Can Do It!

Exploring your creativity begins with the first step. Stick to your goals in 2016 and join us back here at Envato Tuts+ for more inspiration! Good luck!

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