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Keeping Learning Affordable

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Since Tuts+ started back in 2007, we’ve cared deeply about keeping learning affordable and about listening to our community. Today we’re making changes that reflect both of these commitments:

These changes are in addition to our significant ongoing investment in publishing free tutorials, of which there are now over 18,000 available on Tuts+ across various creative and technical fields.

The New $15 Monthly Plan

The new monthly subscription gives you online access to our full library of video courses for $15 per month. Currently there are 360+ courses available, with 20–30 new courses added monthly.

We believe this plan offers great value and helps keep quality online learning affordable for as many people as possible. It is also 20% cheaper than our previous $19 monthly offering.

To enable such a competitive price point, the new plan focuses on the essentials (online video learning) and removes the extras (such as video and eBook downloads, and partner discounts).

Responding to Community Feedback

Many of you had strong feelings when we removed the old monthly subscription and we listened carefully to all that was said. Our belief at the time was that providing the ability to buy individual courses was a good replacement for monthly subscriptions. Turns out that’s not quite the case. What emerged from your feedback were several important issues:

  • Many Tuts+ subscribers have a wide range of interests and like to select specific lessons from a variety of courses, rather than always completing a single course in its entirety. So the individual course option doesn’t suit these people.
  • For some of our audience, purchasing a yearly subscription upfront is a lump sum that doesn’t easily fit in their budget. They’re willing to invest in online learning to improve their skills but need to pay monthly for cash flow reasons.

Today’s changes aim to resolve these issues and help you keep learning on Tuts+ in a way that suits your breadth of interests and your budget.

The $90/Year Lifetime Student Subscription

Recently we also introduced a yearly student subscription that provides a 50% discount on the regular price. For just $90 per year, students can access all courses (including downloads), five eBook downloads per month, and up to two partner offers each year from our subscriber benefits program.

To get the student subscription, you will need to prove you are a student by using a student email address (.edu or .ac) or uploading a scan of your student ID card.

Plus, as an added benefit, you can get lifetime access to Tuts+ at the student price of $90/year, simply by renewing your student subscription continuously for as long as you like.

Reducing Course and Bundle Prices

Continuing the general theme of improving affordability, we also took this opportunity to review the prices of individual courses and bundles on Tuts+. As a result, we have opted to reduce the price of courses from $25 to $15 each, and bundles of six courses from $59 to $45 each.

When you buy a course or bundle, you get long-term access to the videos online or via download.

Thanks for Your Feedback and Support

Thanks for sharing your perspective and being patient with us during the big Tuts+ merge of 2014.

We’re always listening to our community, and today’s changes to improve affordability of online learning are a direct result of your input. If you have further suggestions, please let us know.

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