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Join the Psdtuts+ Design Challenge and Show Off Your Skills!

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We know how important it is to you to improve your Photoshop skills. We have a lot of information on Psdtuts+ to help you learn Photoshop; but we know that practice makes perfect, and what better way to strengthen your skills than to challenge you with a new project. Today, we are announcing our first community design challenge. In this challenge, we want you to use Photoshop to create a new animal species and then share it with us on our new Google+ Community.

What is a Design Challenge

Since this is the first time that we have done a design challenge, you probably have some questions. In our design challenges, we want you to put the knowledge that you have gained from Psdtuts+, and elsewhere to the test and use it to create something entirely new and creative.

Each month, we will challenge you with a particular project based around a certain theme, style, or technique. For instance, we might challenge you to create a text effect using a specific phrase, a photo manipulation for an advertisement, or even to create a character illustration for a video game.

Once the challenge has been completed and the last day to accept submissions has passed, we will take a look at a handful of the submissions, feature them, and critique them in a constructive and educational way.

This Month's Challenge

This month, we want you to Create a New Animal Species With Photoshop. You can do this using whatever technique or style that you feel most comfortable with. This includes: photo manipulation, digital painting, illustration, or even the use of 3D applications. We don't care what technique or tools that you use, as long as Photoshop is used for much or most of the process. Below are some examples of what you might create.


  • Use your creativity to create a new animal species using Photoshop.
  • You are free to use any style or technique to create this new species. This includes photo manipulation, digital painting, illustration, or even 3D.
  • If you use stock photography, make sure that you have the rights to do so. You can find free resources on sites like the stock.xchng, PhotoDune, 123rf, or any other legitimate stock photography website.
  • If you use stock photography, cite your sources so that everyone can see the photos that you used.
  • Avoid using images that are violent or offensive.

How to Submit

  • To submit your artwork, join the Psdtuts+ Community on Google+ and upload your artwork to the wall.
  • Include links to all the stock photography that you used so that we can see how your work came together.
  • Tag your post with the Google+ Hashtag #psdtutsdc.
  • Submissions must be received by Tuesday, March 12, 2013.


  • By submitting your artwork, we (Envato) don't make any claims of ownership. The artwork is yours to do whatever you want with.
  • You grant us permission to publish your artwork on other sites in our network as well as our social media profile pages.
  • You also understand that we may reference your submission later on, and critique it for educational purposes. This might include explaining to our readers what we like about your submission, or even what we don't like about it.
  • This is not a contest. No prizes will be awarded.
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