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It's Graphic Design Week on Psdtuts+ & Vectortuts+


Beginning today we're running a very special double site event called Graphic Design Week, featuring tutorials on everything from business card design to typography, prepress to identity design. What's the occasion? Well our sister site GraphicRiver has just launched a Print Design Templates that offers simple, affordable print designs to help you get started with projects, find ideas, or push out super fast turn arounds for urgent work. And for graphic designers with spare time, it's a simple way to pull in some extra income with 40 - 70% of every sale going back to the author.

A BIG Schedule!

Many of you will remember last year's Web Design Week, well that was nothing compared to the massive schedule we have for you this time. Once again I've written quite a few of the posts myself, but happily this time we've also enlisted the aid of some great graphic designers and writers to make this a real celebration of design! Here's a preview of the posts we're going to be running over the next 7 days:

Awesome Graphics for Versatility, Ideas, Flexibility and Design Mojo

Along with the fabulous Tuts+ sites that you're staring at right now, the team here at Envato is also behind our Envato Marketplaces where anyone with a bit of talent and time can sell their creative work, whether it's web designs, flash, music, after effects or even pixel fonts.

Our newest baby GraphicRiver is really just getting started but already hosts over 2,000 files. Since we launched the site a couple of months ago though, much to our surprise the big run away category has been Business Cards! So a few days ago we created a top level Design Templates category to sell not just business cards, but brochures, stationery, and soon more and more types of print design work.

Why would anyone buy this stuff?
Ever find yourself staring at a blank screen not sure where to start? Ever had a project, maybe a nonprofit one that you need to do some really quick work for? Ever had a client that simply had no money to spend?

Design templates and GraphicRiver in general are all about helping you to do what you love - design! You can grab all sorts of graphics, vectors, icons and even photos to give you more versatility, ideas, flexibility and design mojo.

You get layered Photoshop, Illustrator or even InDesign files so you can adjust, mess about with and generally customize to your hearts content. In fact we believe the best way to use GraphicRiver is as a starting point for your work.

Who buys at GraphicRiver?
To purchase files on the site you have to know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. In other words the buyers at GraphicRiver are generally the same people as the sellers - Creatives!

Why sell so cheap?
Everything on GraphicRiver is pretty damn cheap. That's because this isn't a place to do one-off masterpieces. GraphicRiver is about drag'n'drop graphic bits, whether it's a quick business card template, a graphic design element, a vector mascot or an icon set. We deal in volume so while things are cheap, they often sell many, many times. So even though the site has only been around for a couple months there are files that have sold more than a hundred times.

How it Works
When an item sells on GraphicRiver the author takes home 40-70% of the sale. For our part we take care of all the mechanics of selling, the marketing and traffic generation and provide a killer platform to sell your goods on. So all you need to do is just occasionally upload work and leave it there to earn money. Becoming an author is easy and is open to pretty much anyone. We have review staff who inspect files to keep the quality up to a good standard and a booming community of active users to kick your feet up with.

So what are you waiting for? Become an Author, Visit the Popular Files or Just Start Browsing

Looking for something to help kick start your next project?
Envato Market has a range of items for sale to help get you started.