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It's Going to Be Brilliant: Adobe Photoshop CS4

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Some of us have been eagerly awaiting it, others have been casually disinterested and some have even expressed irritation. The fact of the matter is, though, that this September 23rd saw the official announcement of Adobe's latest release of their Creative Suite. Here at Psdtuts+ we thought it fair to give fans a taste of what's new in Photoshop CS4.

The following information and more is available from adobe.com. See the announcement here: Adobe Photoshop Extended CS4.

Editing Power

Two new panels to help you with Photoshop editing.

Adjustments Panel

The new 'live and dynamic' adjustments panel allows complete adjustment of your images' tones and colours, including on-image controls.

Masks Panel

All the controls you need for pixel or vector-based masks in one panel. Live and non-intrusive editing of feathering, density and so on.

Content-Aware Scaling

(Only available with Photoshop CS4 Extended). Described by Adobe as 'revolutionary' this feature allows automatic detection of vital elements within an image, scaling only those which you intend. Scaling in this manner eliminates cropping and retouching from the process. Visit the Adobe site and witness the surfers below remain unaffected as the background is stretched across the canvas..

Workflow and Efficiency

Adobe have pulled out all the stops across the CS4 product range to help improve workflow.

Tabbed Documents

The familiar modern way of working with multiple documents or windows. Tabs or n-up views will allow you to switch between and move objects across to other open documents with ease.

Fluid Canvas Rotation

Click to turn your canvas at any desired angle or perspective for viewing purposes.

Smoother Panning and Zooming

Photoshop's Pixel Grid allows perfect clarity even when zoomed in to maximum depth and new smoothness adds to your level of zoom control.

3D and Motion Based Images

A large number of new 3D and video capabilities for Photoshop.

Revolutionary 3D Painting and Compositing

(Only available with Photoshop CS4 Extended). Paint, apply gradients and wrap images directly onto 3D models, create depth to layers and text and export the results to supported common 3D formats. Use Adobe's new ray-tracing rendering engine for print-quality output, or animate your 3D objects for video output.

3D Object and Property Editing

(Only available with Photoshop CS4 Extended). An on-image interface allows full manipulation of 3D objects without extra panels and dialogues. Position cameras, lighting, objects, meshes, grids - all with the intuitive mouse axes controls.

3D/Video Support

(Only available with Photoshop CS4 Extended). An impressive addition to Photoshop's 3D funtions whereby video layers are treated as textures for projection onto a 3D surface.

Efficient Collaboration

(Only available with Photoshop CS4 Extended). High priority for Adobe in developing CS4; collaboration between applications. Use the U3D interchange format to migrate your 3D projects seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro Extended and Adobe After Effects for presentation or production output.

Online Services

Adobe Community Help

Search Adobe's product help online with improved search facilities. Help contributions from 3rd party community members keep this resource growing and current.

Adobe Kulerâ„¢

Kulerâ„¢, the colour palette feed available from Adobe Labs previously accessible for CS3 users and now a permanent feature of Adobe's CS4 products, giving you access to colour, theme and swatch contributions from a huge online community.

Now it's Your Turn.

Let's hear it then, are you impatiently drumming your credit card on the desk, waiting for CS4 to be made available? Or are you quietly resentful at the thought of investing more hard-earned cash for tools which you'll rarely make use of? We want to hear your thoughts.

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