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It's All in the Eyes: 100 Beautiful Photo Manipulations

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The eyes have long been considered the windows to the soul. Photographers often try to focus on a subject's eyes as a way to add depth and emotion to a photo. But there are still only so many ways you can emphasize the eyes in a standard photo.

That's where photo manipulations like those below enter the scene. Some are macabre and just a little bit (or extremely) frightening, while others make us think of fantasy worlds filled with fairies and nymphs. And then there are those that are done just to make the subject appear more striking. In any case, all are inspiring and a great place to start if you're looking for some ideas.

Fantasy Eyes


by NightDV


by Sugargrl14

Moon Eyes

by Acidxmoose

World in my Eyes

by Sirlcy

Stars in Your Eyes

by Ftourini

Time in the Eyes

by Miuxu0602

Eyes on Fire

by xSacred-Dreamsx

In Your Eyes

by Ahmed101

There Were Stars In Her Eyes

by Casperium

Eyes of a Fallen Angel

by AnnihilationX

In Her Eyes

by SitarPlayerIX

The Magic in His Eyes

by HappilyInsane


by Lilyas


by Mcdbrd

Fairy Eyes

by Mnmlst

Capricorn Eye

by Ftourini

World in Her Eyes

by BleedsChaos

Eyes in Love

by Girlsmiled

Flower Eyes

by AngelOfFallingStars

Eye Serie 30

Eyes Open Wide

by LiNoR

Eyes in the Sky

by Damian6347177


by Lilyas


by Darkstar797

Deep Blue

by Cosmosue

The Color of Magic

by Ansie-Ans

The Golden Fairy's Eye

by Belez

Fire in Your Eyes

by Ftourini

Vain Eyes 2

by Tohruxo

World in My Eyes

by Bryden42

Horror Eyes

Eyes Speak

by Xilvero

Hell Eyes

by Secretlyevil

Obsidian Eyes

by Dvzombies

Green Eyes

by Darkstar797

Sharpen Your Eyes

by Fudaryli

Only Through My Eyes

by Fallnangeltears

My Eyes Speak Words

by Chrisbonney


by Bokor

Open Your Eyes

by Weird-aila

Wound Black Eyes

by Nyktalgia

Demon's Eyes

by Charro666

Cyber Eyes IV

by DouglasN

Eyes No Color

by MataleoneRJ

The Venom in Your Eyes

by Fading-x-Roses

The Mind Has a Thousand Eyes

by CorporalPhantom

Drowning In Your Eyes...

by Endrju100

Closed Eyes

by SkullcrusherLY

Devil's Eye

by Lilyas

Thunderstorm Eyes

by Monsun

Desperate Eyes

by Bratzer

Eyes That Eat

by Kirkh

Cold Dead Eyes

by KnightFlyte96

Broken Eyes

Jaded Eyes

by Revrendwilliam

Eye Hate Spiders

by Forgotten-Myth

I Wanted Blue Eyes Badly

A Feast for the Eyes 2

Supernatural Demon

by Dianar87

I See Hell In Your Eyes

by Liquid-venom

Eye Serie 41

by MelckyXY

Your Eyes Like Mine

by KyraShangea


by Asumaria

Soft Black Eyes

by RitualeRomanum

Between Darkness and Light

by Ophelia-autumnal

Clavicula Revised

by Raventhird

Look Into My Eyes

by Rivellis

Eyes Again

by Mcnoo

General Eye Manipulations


by Jazom

Rainbow Eyes

by Aaiiman

Eyes II

by NightDV

In My Eyes

by Irinova

Open Your Eyes

by ^l8

Laquered Eyes

by SoundtrackOfSin

Glamour Eyes

by Mlle-kaeru

Light Before My Eyes

by Elestrial

Heaven in her Eyes

by MyLastBlkRose

Bright Eyes II

by Itsreality

Fire In Our Eyes...And Ice

by Lesslya


by Aurelia24

Rainbow Eyes

by YuinaLucreciaMalfoy

Flower Eyes

by Sphynxia

Close to the Water

by Lilyas

Eyes on Fire

by 8SilentFootsteps8

Another Eye???

by Gyuszi02

My Eyes...Rainbow Version

by Lemonlini

Cyber Eyes II

Bright Eyes

by Skyla-dream

Stars In Your Eyes

Digital Eyes

by ElMenor2393

Eye Serie 11

by MelckyXY

Silently Burning Abyss

by SaldaeanFarmgirl

Time to Go

by RooCouture

Eye Serie 23

Bug Eyes

by Sticki-lou

Paper Doll

by Asilwen

Doll Eyes

Eyes of Winter Goddess

by Miuxu0602

Take a Look Into My Eyes

by MrsMaggot

Blue Eyes

by Gohan91

Eye Drop

by Catfishy93

Eye Candy

by mprox

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