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Introduction: Creative Session on Poster Design

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This post is part of a series called Poster Design.
25 Inspirational Posters from 5 Outstanding Vector Artists

Successful poster designs communicate a clear message, makes you halt and look, then draw you into the finer details. As poster design connoisseurs we appreciate an illustrative style that is designed so well it perfectly matches a message. Posters are large canvases that give designers plenty of space to make masterpieces.

In this poster design session, you'll learn how to incorporate the right font for the needed text, compose an effective layout, mix your illustration and design skills, grab attention, and more. We'll be bringing you loads of articles, tutorials, and resources on poster design in this creative session - so get ready to design some super creative posters.

Jump into this Session on Poster Design

Our first article kicks things off with a heavy dose of Vector Poster Design Inspiration by Sharon Milne. She shows five artists which use vector in their poster designs to not only inspire you, but give you some things to consider when creating an effective poster.

Coming Community Project

Get ready to Rock-n-Roll, with our next community project that Loungekat will be releasing tomorrow, which of course will be poster design themed. More information to come soon.

Quick Update, we've been getting numerous entries into the Gig Poster Showdown Community Project. Be sure to upload your design to the Vectortuts+ Facebook Group by 10th Feb 2011 Eastern Standard time, you will go in the running to Win one of Five Giveaways.

Let Us Know How We Do

We've changed our format, as you can see sessions are now being released right here on Vectortuts+. This is how we'll be releasing all of our sessions, across our Tuts+ sites. This is a step our dev team worked hard on to make - round of applause. Enjoy this session on Poster Design and many more topics to come in the future. We'll be working out a few kinks as we launch this first session with the new design. We'd love to hear your feedback.

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