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Introducing the Vectortuts+ Writing Team

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Sometimes, it's easy to forget that actual human beings create the content here on Vectortuts+. We are in fact real people, and not just vector loving robots. In addition to numerous part time contributors, we have a team of talented and passionate artists creating all kinds of tutorials and content teaching illustration and design within the context of a vector workflow. Visit the newly launched Vectortuts+ Team page to get to know us better.

Big Thanks for 2010!

From all of us at Vectortuts+ we thank you all for making this website such a success. Your interests, discussions, collaborations, and energy feed this site, which drives use (the Vectortuts+ Team) to continue producing high quality educational content you're hungry to learn. If there are any changes you'd love to see in 2011, then please do leave a comment letting us know. Now is a time that we reflect on ways we can improve the site and add new goals for 2011.

Everyone have a great new year!

Our Associate Editor's Portrait - Kate McInnes (aka: Loungekat) on the Vectortuts+ Team page

Creating Your Portrait

If the portraits on the Vectortuts+ Team page are inspiring you to create your own for 2011, then jump over to these tutorials and articles to get started:

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