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Interview with Envato Founders Collis and Cyan

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One of the best things about working here at Envato is that we have an awesome team of people building, managing, writing, reviewing and working on our sites. Yep, things have come a long way since the early days when there was just a few of us trying to do everything!

Recently our awesome Tuts+ interviewer Emil asked if I minded being video interviewed with some questions put forward by the Psdtuts+ readers. Since no-one really wants to see my enormous head on screen for too long a period of time, I asked my lovely wife and partner in crime Cyan if she'd be in on the interview and we thought we'd put up the video to help celebrate 3 years of Envato.

The Interview

So without further ado, if you've ever wondered about how Envato started or about who we are, I hope you enjoy this little interview of us!

Here's to Another 3 Years!

It's kinda hard to believe it's been three years already! I still think of us as a startup. I can't stress enough how thankful we are for all the readers, users, authors, buyers, and staff who have helped us these last three years. Something that's really come home to me since we started Envato is that you don't build great companies without lots and lots of great people. From all the positive comments we get, the good natured communities that have grown around our sites, the amazing files that get sold on our marketplaces and the kick-ass tutorials that people contribute to our blogs. I know I have a tendency of overusing the word awesome and I am guilty of typing far too many exclamation marks in my day, but hey what else can I say ... it's pretty awesome!!!

So enjoy the rest of our celebrations. I'll be back tomorrow with some announcements of upcoming Envato sites that we'll be releasing in the forthcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Don't Forget ...

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