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Meet Draco, a fantastic illustrator from Brazil. He works as a full time designer in a web agency. Draco has a unique and distinctive style of illustration and he designs some awesome T-shirts which are printed by the most famous online T-shirt websites. Read on this interview to learn more about him and his work!

1. Hello Draco, give us a background bio on yourself, where are you from? What is your typical day like?

Hi, I'm from Brazil! My day starts at 09:00 am with a short walk from my house to the agency where I work. After that, in my house, I work until 03:00pm on my own projects.

2. When did you first feel the calling to get into design and illustration? Did you attend a traditional design school or are you self-taught? We would also like to know about your first design job.

Well, I'm self-taught! I have been drawing since I was a child and going to the design field was a natural way. I started with creating logotypes and advertising illustrations for small clients.

3. How long have you been designing and illustrating? What is your day job as a full time designer in a web agency?

I really do not remember when I started creating illustrations. I have been working with design for about 10 years.

4. Can you give us an insight into your creative process and your research resources? Is the process different for personal and client work?

Yes, I always say that every job deserves special treatment, and how I can illustrate in several different styles, each job receives unique treatment. But when things are not very clear, a little wine and Radiohead open my mind (or make me sleep!).

5. What is it about the vector medium that fascinates you? What tools and applications do you use to create your vector arts? Would you like to share with us your favorite vectoring technique?

My favorite software is Corel Draw, but, I work with illustrator too (80% with Corel Draw and 20% with Illustrator). Normally, I do a freehand sketch, then I import the image to Corel Draw and finish the illustration node by node.

6. Apart from illustrations, you do a lot of T-shirt designs. When and how did you get interested in designing for T-shirts?

I was studying vectors and this universe of T-shirts looked like a good opportunity to improve my techniques and possibly earn some money.

7. What are the challenges involved in turning an art piece into a really saleable product? And how do you overcome those challenges?

I don't think of creating illustrations as marketable. I think the public who buys T-shirts from shops that promote design competitions, are more interested in art prints, that makes it easy. I don't  think in creating saleable illustrations, I think the public who buys T-shirts in online stores who promote design competitions, are more interested in artistic tees. This makes it easy.

8. What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the design and illustration industry? What's the one thing you wish you knew when you started your career?

Its too simple. Working in design and illustration is what I love! =)


9. What project are you working on now and what excites you most about that project? Is there any dream project you would like to work on?

I'm involved in some projects at the same time, and one in particular is writing and possibly illustrating a story book.

10. How is Brazil's art scene? Does the Brazilian culture influence your works?

The art scene here in Brazil is very diverse, with several tribes following different paths in design and I think it's the best influence I can have, working with several different styles and not getting stuck there is a single line.

11. Thanks for the interview Draco. Would you like to give any tips or advise to aspiring digital artists and designers?

Watch and study. Always try to do what you like and do still hold to the trends.

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