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Interview with Alex Storch, Editor-in-Chief of Carson Mag

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Today we have an exciting interview with Alex Storch of Carson Mag. Get to know his passion for magazines, and how working with David Carson, and his team, they're pushing forward with a quality publication. Readers can appreciate these themed issues conceptually and touch the nuanced design details of every page. Get inside the mind of the Editor-in-Chief of Carson, and take a look at this exciting new publication from the trenches.

This contest has ended. Thanks to all that participated and to Carson Mag. We gave away 3 subscriptions to this magazine, as well as 3 t-shirts.

Q Could you tell us about your background and education? What is involved with being the Editor-in-Chief of this new magazine?

I went to Arizona State University, in perennially sunny Tempe, AZ. It's intensely warm, and there aren't a lot of magazines out there, so I headed to the sea and the action. I'm always pulling in new influences, I'd rather read than eat, and I remember sitting on lots of library floors when I was younger. I may still owe some past-due fines somewhere.

Anyway, the magazine requires searching out established writers and new ones, artists and photographers, dreamers and realists. A lot of wading through water, but it's pretty much my dream job, so I'll go as far out through the waves as I need to.

Oh, and it requires lots of tea drinking. Lots.


Alex Storch, Editor-in-Chief of Carson Mag

Q Where is the line between your role as Editor-in-Chief and David Carson's role as Creative Director. What is your workflow on the magazine like for commissioning content and working with talented illustrators, artists, and writers.

David and his company are heavily influential, both in mindset and in the design. We're trying to live up to his standard as a designer with our content, keeping things experimental and atypical. We've got some names in the first issue like Neil Strauss, Mike Doughty, Les Stroud and Mary Roach that are very familiar to people, and then some newer (published) authors that are soon to be.

A view inside the C A R S O N magazine offices.

Q With the magazine's aesthetic, how many fonts might we see used in the first issue? How will the design style interpret the core meaning of articles? Do you see the magazine sticking to a particular format, or continually reinventing it's style with each issue and topic you cover?

God knows. A lot. David interprets the article visually, so as the words speak to him and are filtered through his incredibly unique and talented brain, they come out on the page. Illustrations vary in style and size, and we're not looking to box ourselves in to any one style. Each issue is themed, and so that theme is what binds all of this variety together beneath the C A R S O N banner.

C A R S O N magazine cover

Q Could you tell us about any of the roadblocks you've encountered with getting this magazine off the ground? And what the view is like from the trenches?

Every day is a new challenge, and it's quite a change to go from the logical mind required for negotiation, legal issues, and critical thinking about everything from distribution to office furniture -- to the creative side, thinking about articles and marketing and hiring new employees. It's nice to have a good team around you, though, and I'm fortunate for that on all sides.


Carsonmag.net website

Q Is there anything else you think design geeks like myself would find interesting about this coming mag?

Here's a shot of David's desktop, just for reference.


Carson's desktop

Q What's going to be special about this magazine? What topics will it cover and what kind of experience are you looking for the audience to have? Do you see this mag always sticking to print or are you looking at the potential of technology like digital publishing on the iPad. What do you consider success for this magazine at month one, year one, and beyond?

You mean other than David Carson's talents? Each issue is themed, and so everything from Fame to Power will be covered from all angles. I think the tangibility of print, the necessity of really holding the pages in your hands and looking at every nuance, in addition to the words, are really what keeps this from the iPad. I'd rather not be just another app next to Angry Birds. Those birds are addictive.

Success is that people like it as much as we do. I think at the point where it becomes something that people know, that you find in places like colette in Paris (already on our distribution list) and that people talk about... I think that's success.

A view from the editors desk.

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