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Interview with Agung Syaifudin

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Agung Syaifudin, also known as "diekave", is a 23 year old freelance illustrator from Indonesia. He has studied visual communication and started working as a 2D animator for an e-card website. Agung finds inspiration and ideas for his illustrations from simple daily life and loves to draw relaxed, funny and fresh illustrations. Read more about him in this interview.

Q Hello Agung, can you give us some background information on yourself and your work?

I first want to thank Vectortuts+ for this opportunity to be interviewed. My name is Agung Syaifudin a.k.a. diekave, I'm a 23 year old Illustrator from Indonesia. I started working and studying art in depth 5 years ago. I'm working as a freelancer for illustration, icons, web Layout, and 2D animation. I'm still busy with several projects.

I'm the Real Designer 2nd

Q How did you get started in the arts? Do you have any formal education or are you self-taught? What was your first design job?

I came to know about computer art from my brother, and I became very interested in the art world, especially illustration. I studied at university majoring in visual communication design in Indonesia, after that I learnt more about arts on my own. My first job was in 2D animation for an e-card website which made me feel very happy because I received the money that comes from hard work.

The King

Q What software do you use to create your illustrations? What does your workstation look like?

I use Adobe Illustrator CS3 to create my illustrations. My workstation is only a second floor room with a 5-year-old computer, speaker, and one printer. (I need to upgrade my computer).


Q Describe your creative process. What is your most common approach for completing a project?

This my simple creative process for commercial projects :

  • I first read the explanation from my client and communicate about what type of work they need.
  • Looking for some basic ideas, may be with internet browsing.
  • Rough sketch on paper and photograph the results (because I do not have a scanner).
  • Make the basic lines and then color it.

For a personal project, it's almost the same.

Nature Becomes Angry

Q Where do you get the ideas for your illustrations? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

All the things I see, hear, feel all are a source of ideas and inspiration for my illustration (daily life, friends, family, neighbors, soccer, another artist, artwork, and many others).

Easy Way

Q What is it about vector illustrations that you enjoy the most? Can you share your favorite Illustrator tool, tip or technique?

I like many types of illustration, it can be seen from my work that it is not my style to "race on one course". But my favorite illustration style is relaxed, funny, fresh and detailed. I plan to make the illustrations that have a level of detail that's cool, I still think about new things. In working on an illustration I often use the pen tool and color gradation, maybe these are just the tools that I use frequently.

Microbiology Club

Q What are you currently working on, do you have any interesting or exciting projects? Do you have any specific plans for the future direction of your artwork? Out of all your work what is your favorite piece and why?

I'm working on four jobs this month, web layouts from Poland, Illustration for web content from Germany, illustrations for t-shirts from an American brand, and Illustrations of animal heads for a brand from France. Of all my work, my favorite is the illustration for the Microbiology Club in Malaysia, as they liked my previous work "I'm The Real Designer 2nd" and it gave me the freedom to make the illustration.

Lazy Day

Q Apart from art and illustration what other things do you enjoy? How do you recharge your creative batteries?

I like soccer, running with my dad, traveling, thinking, friends, hiking, good things, good movies, and much more. I recharge my creative batteries with lots of things, I often do things outside the arts; a walk, see a beautiful scenery, doing good things, and others.


Q Thanks for the interview Agung. Would you like to leave us with any tips or advise for aspiring designers and illustrators?

I'm still a new artist, but I have a few suggestions, do lots of drawings, post your work regularly, do the best according to the field that you love, and life is difficult but still must be faced. Do not give up and smile to the world. Vectortuts+, thank you so much for the interview. Cheers.

Happy Day

Agung Syaifudin on the Web

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