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Instructor Wanted: Teach Affinity Designer at Tuts+

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Are you skilled in graphic or visual design? Have you considered sharing your knowledge through teaching online video courses? We want you to teach the ins and outs of Affinity Designer to our students here at Tuts+, helping to grow their in-app design skills.

What We're Looking For

Is Affinity Designer your go to app of choice? Affinity Designer is vector graphic design software with excellent pixel control. Whether you’re creating marketing materials, icons, UI design, or professional graphic design work of any stripe on Affinity Designer, reach out to us. There’s an opportunity to teach your in-app workflow to our audience.

Affinity Designer WorkspaceAffinity Designer WorkspaceAffinity Designer Workspace
Affinity Designer workspace.

What Makes a Great Design Software Instructor?

  • You’re skilled in visual design, graphic design, or vector illustration.
  • Besides that, you’re comfortable recording screencasts in English.
  • You want to guide a large audience of practicing visual design students.
  • You enjoy making complex subjects simple to understand.
  • You can walk through how to use design software (such as Affinity Designer) for creating professional work.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk!

Open Visual Design Subjects

Here are a few subjects we need Graphic and Visual Design instructors to teach:

  • Affinity Designer - creative software workflows.
  • Typography - type use in graphic design.
  • Lettering - from hand drawn to digital letterforms.

We cover a whole lot more at Tuts+ in design and illustration, and are interested in your ideas, so reach out and tell us what you’re passionate about!

Stills from popular Tuts coursesStills from popular Tuts coursesStills from popular Tuts courses
Stills from popular Tuts+ courses.

Why Teach for Tuts+?

  • Work from home in your own time, as a freelance contributor.
  • Give back to the community and share your skills teaching others.
  • Get paid a competitive per course rate of $3,500 USD.
  • We'll provide you with curriculum and screencasting setup support.
  • We care deeply about diversity, and welcome applicants of all types, and from all backgrounds.

How to Apply

Learn more about teaching at Tuts+ and complete our Teach a Course application form to apply. This is a remote position—open to applicants from anywhere.

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