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Inspirational Digital Art From Shadowness


Making a name for yourself in the design industry can be a challenging task. In addition to producing work that stands out from the pack, it's also important to display your work in places where it will be seen. Today, we would like to introduce you to Shadowness, a place where you can upload and share your work with other designers. In this round up we have hand-picked some well-known artists from the Shadowness community and have displayed them below for you to enjoy. You may recognize some of these artists as Psdtuts authors, professional Photoshop users, and art collective members. Enjoy!

Wojciech Magierski (m4gik) – Divine Boundaries

Richard Roberts (Theotherstream) – Zen

Saad Moosajee (Saadart) – Invincible

Finn MacManus (finnianm) – Sovereign

Nekro – Music for my Eyes

Martin Grohs (grohsARTig) – Angel Tears

Jerico Santander (Jericosantander) – Own World

Jennifer Cirpici (JenniferCirpici) – Grow

José Paulo Amorim Reis (Zepaulo) – Aquarium World

Asdrubal Piedra Carvajal (asdrubalpc) – Dreamzcape

Wanchana Intrasombat (Victorior) – To the Waterfall

Andreas Zafiratos (albino-Z) – Nir Universe 003

Natascha Röösli (Kyena) – The Wax Dragon

Amanda Redmond (shebid) – Too Bright to See

Vincent Rhafael Aseo (Aseo) – Dance of the Ringwaltz

Sharon Milne (ChewedKandi) – Suicide Blonde

Roy Bourke (iGod) – The Never Ending Beat

Oliver Wetter (fantasio) – Call of Cthulhu

Maciej Zelaznowski (rabin) – I’m on a Horse

Leonardo Dentico (leox912) – Stairway to Heaven

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