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Inspiration: Hot Vector Vehicles

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They say that any self-respecting illustrator should be able to draw a realistic person, flower and car. Why? Because all these things have something in common, they have to be drawn perfectly in order to be believable. Today I will present to you a collection of vector vehicle designs, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. As you will see, mastering the art of vehicle illustration takes many hours of practice and discipline. If you're up for the challenge, we have included some super charged tutorials to get you started.


Saleen S7R Vector

by p3nx

MG Midget

by yeahbutnobut

Mercedes Benz SSK

by Peibol

That Old Black Magic

by yankeedog

Bugatti Veyron

by Davidramsey03

Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 Edition

by CRWPitman

1972 Buick Riviera Boattail

by CRWPitman

Mazda RX7 toon

by roobi

BMW 545i toon

by roobi

Ford GT Vector Art

by Darth4114

Challenger - The Future Wife

by avengerchronicles

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

by MobileSuitGio

1934 Ford Delivery Sedan


Nasty Hornet

by flying-polock


by yeahbutnobut


by flying-polock

1971 Camaro

by Bmart333

Cool Lookin Hot Rod

by Bmart333

Honda Integra Toon

by EmreFast

Lotus 49

by yeahbutnobut

Bantam Gasser

by yankeedog

TUF XY - XY GT Falcon

by xero-ai

Audi Style

by Spacetoyi

VW Bus

by stxd3

Voodoo T

by Green-Hirsch


by birolsedat

Porsche Cayman Vector

by dr-phoenix

The Big Moi Moi

by flying-polock

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI

by depart

Lamborghini Gallardo

by under18carbon

Porsche 911

by Black6


by gmesh

56 Hardtop

by kenpoist


by PGDsx

xB Loudr

by flying-polock

Hot Rod

by cryingbear

It's What's Inside

by flying-polock


by jcstudio

BMW 318is - 1998

by EmreFast

Vector Lancer Evolution X

by mmn22

Buick "Drag" Queen


Lotus 2 Eleven Vectored

by hoodaya

Honda Civic Toon

by EmreFast

Nissan Skyline

by roobi


by Messala


Colin Edwards' YZR-M1

by vectorhythm

Yamaha Vector

by nrslkrkc

CBR 600

by Heavyside

Yamaha Bike Toon

by Sean-87


by 7caco

Vectorgasm RC211V Concept

by adriano10

Big Dog Orange

by akunastyle


by augusteiri

Honda Motorcycle 1

by nrslkrkc


by chaoticmind

Dished Tank Bobber

by carguy88



by flying-polock

Vector Radiance Truck Trailer

by zaib

Vectorial Mixer Truck

by Tripio

Part 1

by manahan

BIG Truck

by adapter

Peterbuilt Tow

by FLuiddsn


RPM's Vector Tutorial

by RpmIndy

How to Make a Detailed 3D Vector Tire in Illustrator

by Nuruzzaman Sheikh

How to Create a See-through Information Graphic

by Jonathan

Premium Tutorial on Creating a Sleek Vector Car Design

by Abdurrahman Aribas

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