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Inspiration: Gadgets, Devices, and Handheld Electronics

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Consumer electronics has captured the imagination of many designers. Get inspired by handheld electronics through digitized advertisements of media players and cell phones. Learn how to create images of handheld devices from scratch in Photoshop. You'll also be introduced to a wide array of articles and resources on gadgets. That way, you can continue to be inspired by this field of design.

Digital Art

  • Brian Gossett: Sirius Radio Project

    This design is made to promote Sirius Radio. It features a handheld media player. There are lots of cool lighting effects and great design work. His portfolio is made up of motion design work. Every frame looks like a well-crafted Photoshop design—really inspiring work. Visit his portfolio, or jump to the Sirius project on Behance below.

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  • Peter Jaworowski: British Airways Editorial

    This project was for an editorial illustration. The article was about Blue Tooth handheld devices. This designer has other works with electronic devices as well. Visit his Flash portfolio, or jump to the British Airways project below.

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  • Alexandre Lacerda: Blackberry Designs

    This is a series of Blackberry ads. They have good lighting effects with a clean design. This artist is working in a similar style to the ones above. Visit the artist's portfolio or jump to the project below.

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  • Husam Elfaki: Nokia Ad Concept

    This artist mixes a retro feeling into this mobile phone ad design. The lighting effects and layered glowing style are current, but the triangles and coloring give it a retro feel. Visit the artist's DeviantArt portfolio or jump to the project on Behance below.

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  • Roman Tubl: Mobile Phone EGG

    This isn't Photoshop work, but it's inspiring nonetheless. This artist has created a 3D mobile phone concept design. It's thin and curved. It has a unique style. Visit this artist's portfolio or jump to the project below.

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  • Sony Ericsson S500 Cell phone Interface Tutorial

    This tutorial shows you how to use multiple vector shapes, layer styles, and various tools to create a mobile phone design. It's a relatively realistic design with multiple small details explained.

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  • Designing a Black Zune2 in Photoshop

    Use vector shapes and layer styles to create a cool video music player design. We've mentioned this tutorial in a previous article here on Psdtuts+, but it's fitting to place it again here.

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  • Apple iPhone Mobile Phone Design

    Apple has many sought-after products. This is a tutorial on creating slick iPhone design. Vector shapes and layer styles used to make up the design.

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  • Design a Shiny Photorealistic Apple Remote

    This is a tutorial on creating an Apple handheld device here on Psdtuts+. In this tutorial, you learn how to make a shiny new apple remote. It also uses vector shapes and layer styles to make up the design.

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  • USB Stick Tutorial

    Use vector shapes and layer styles to create a USB Stick. The tutorial has lots of screenshots. It covers each step and offers a PSD Download.

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Other Cool Stuff

  • 10 Most Creative and Amazing Concept Gadget Designs

    This is a collection of concept designs. Some are idealistic and may never see production but are still interesting. Others are practical ideas dripping with cool. I also came across a concept designer's blog. His name is Mac Funamizu. He has some interesting ideas. Here is his portfolio. Or follow the link below to the article.

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  • Evolution of the Handheld

    This article is a collection of images that show the progression of handheld gaming devices. We had an entry in the Psdtuts+ contest last week called Old School Free Icon Set. One of the featured icons was a Nintendo Gamboy. Nintendo has dominated this market since the late 1980s. There is plenty of retro gaming inspiration in this post.

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  • 25 Mind-Blowing Gadgets

    This article presents some amazing gadgets that are available today. This is a collection of high-end, cutting-edge technology. There's plenty of modern electronic inspiration in this smashing article.

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  • Top 100 Gadget Blogs

    This is a list of top gadget blogs. "The Top 100 Gadget Blogs ranking is here to help you find out which of the gadget blogs from around the world are the ones to watch out for. Ranking is based on information from Alexa and Technorati which combined, give the blog a ranking. The lower the rank number, the higher in the top 100 gadget blogs list the particular blog will appear."

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  • 10 Useful Gadgets for Mobile Computing

    A collection of great gadgets and handheld devices used for mobile computing. The devices presented are used to enhance the computing experience while on the go. They work with laptops, iPhones, Blackberrries, or other mobile devices. Check out solar chargers, USB watches, WiFi finders, and other electronic devices.

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