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Inspiration: 50 Digital Dragon Paintings

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Dragon myths date back at least a few millennia. They come from a wide variety of cultures: Chinese, Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and European. As a result, dragons are a subject of fascination for many children and adults alike.

Below are 50 excellent digital paintings of dragons. Most follow the European/Middle Ages dragon tradition, although some are more obviously influenced by traditional Chinese dragons. All have exceptional detail, depth, and artistic merit. Use them as inspiration for your next digital painting or project.

Dragon Negro de Alas Rojas y by El-Grimlock

Dragon Lord by Ironshod

Steel Dragon by Kerembeyit

Dragon Fury by Ironshod

Snow Dragon by Ironshod

Dragon Mage by Kerembeyit

Dragon Rip by Ironshod

Fishing On The Drinking Dragon by Wildlifehoodoo

Typical Dragon by Schur

Dragon Dawn by Ironshod

The Dragon Master by Grafik

Dragon Attack by Soys

Fall - Dragon Art by Wallace

Battle Dragon by Kerembeyit

Mini Dragon by T-Tiger

Sea Dragon by Jaxxblackfox

Dragon Rose by O-Eternal-O

Annihilation - Dragon Art by Wallace

Blue Dragon by Amisgaudi

Black Dragon by Wallace

Peppermint Dragon by Nanya

Dragon Light by O-Eternal-O

The Green Dragon by Amisgaudi

Krike Dragon by Kevcrossley

Ice Dragon by Ruth-Tay

The Splashing Dragon by Wildlifehoodoo

The Abstract Dragon by Livingrope

Furry Dragon by Sheil

The Dragon of Wisdom by Ruth-Tay

The Gem Dragon by Rainbowchameleon

The Awakening - Dragon Art by Wallace

Serbus' Dragon by Ranarh

The Dragon King Ao-Kuang by Grafik

Lazing By The Sleeping Dragon by Wildlifehoodoo

Enflaming by ShadowUmbre

Skullbone Dragon by Wallace

Leap of Faith by VegasMike

First Lesson by Kerembeyit

Quetzalcoatl by Genzoman

Dragon by GBrush

Dragon Summoner by Grafik

Dragon by Edli

Dragon Mountains by Higherdepths

Dragons Lair by Ironshod

Golden Dragon by Amisgaudi

Dragon Ambush by Kingmong

Hellborn by Deligaris

War of Dragons by Kerembeyit

Razors Edge by JasonEngle

Woodland Guardian by Ironshod

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