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Incorporate a 3D Model Into an Existing Panoramic Photograph - Screencast

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Join Zorana Gee, Adobe Photoshop Product Manager as she demonstrates how to work a vintage 3D automobile into a panoramic photograph using Photoshop CS5 Extended. In this tutorial, Zorana will give you tips on how to position, match lighting and adjust 3D materials and effects. She will also demonstrate some simple photo retouching tools such as Content-Aware Fill and Puppet Warp to help achieve the final look for this project.

Zorana has been on the Photoshop team for over 10 years and has been involved with Photoshop Extended from the beginning. Zorana was instrumental to the 3D effort as well as driving many feature improvements within Photoshop. She is the author of 3D in Photoshop: the Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals and the iPad app, Photoshop 3D Guide. Zorana speaks worldwide representing Adobe and the Photoshop family line of professional products.

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Part 2

Part 3

3D in Photoshop: The Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals

Check out Zorana's book 3D in Photoshop: the Ultimate Guide for Creative Professionals to learn more about Adobe Photoshop CS5's 3D capabilities.

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