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Improve Your Art With These Awesome Design & Art Challenges

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Practice makes progress, so it's good to make a habit out of practice. However, it's not easy to keep such a habit when there are so many important things to do every day: work, family, friends, chores... And even if you manage to finally find some time for yourself, you may stare blankly at a sheet of paper, having no idea how to spend this precious time the most efficiently.

This is where the idea of daily art challenges can help. It's pretty simple: you get a clearly defined task to do every day for a specified amount of time. It reduces thinking to a minimum to give you more space for the actual creating. 

Besides this, challenges provide extra motivation—you can post your work under a specific hashtag, making your followers your witnesses, and receive encouraging comments from other participants. And every finished challenge gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment!

In this article, I compiled a list of daily challenges you can try over the year. Why not add them to your New Year resolutions list?


30 Day Challenge: January Prompts

Do you like hand lettering? You'll love this challenge then! You can use the author's Instagram as a source of inspiration. Post your works every day under the hashtag #DNDChallenge.

30 Day Challenge January Prompts30 Day Challenge January Prompts30 Day Challenge January Prompts
Artwork by @mrsfarrae

A Year of Color: January Challenge Prompts

Same author, a different premise: here you're supposed to create something in a specific color from the prompts list every day. Perfect to discover all the colors you might have never used before! Use the tag #DNDyearofcolor.

A Year of Color January Challenge PromptsA Year of Color January Challenge PromptsA Year of Color January Challenge Prompts
Artwork by @paigefirnbergdesign


Faerie February

It's not a very popular challenge yet, but it's certainly very inspiring. After all, faeries come in all shapes and colors! The prompt list is full of ideas that immediately awaken a vision in your mind. What would a galaxy fairy look like? Or a winter one? Only one way to find out: draw them and post your works under #faeriefeb, #faeriefebruary, and #feabruary.

faerie february challengefaerie february challengefaerie february challenge
Artwork by @tamtamdraws
Artwork by @marlacandraw


March of Robots

Draw a robot or a scene including a robot every day and post it under the tag #marchofrobots. All techniques are allowed, but it's best to choose something simple that will allow you to stick with the challenge for the whole of March.

march of robotsmarch of robotsmarch of robots
Artwork by @lefthandninja
robots drawing challengerobots drawing challengerobots drawing challenge
Artwork by @peanutbutterjulitime


Adventure April

A fun challenge with a very inspiring prompt list. This one is perfect for fantasy artists, especially for character designers. Each prompt awakens a vision in your mind—so just take any tool, draw what you see, and post under the tag #AdventureApril.

adventure apriladventure apriladventure april
Artwork by @crimsontentacles

April Art Challenge

This challenge's prompt list is general enough to be used for any kind of art. You can draw it, you can sculpt it, but you can also use this list for a unique typography challenge! The hashtag for it is #aprilartchallenge.

april aart challengeapril aart challengeapril aart challenge
Artwork by @rhymes.y
april drawing challengeapril drawing challengeapril drawing challenge
Artwork by @barbsotiart
instagram challenge for aprilinstagram challenge for aprilinstagram challenge for april
Artwork by @michelledaviescreates

April Colors

This is a really nice challenge for painters, putting the focus on using colors in your work. It's a good opportunity to experiment with shades/compositions that you've avoided or ignored for some reason. And this stepping out of the comfort zone can be very educational! Use the hashtags #aprilcolorschallenge and #faunwoodcolors.

april color challengeapril color challengeapril color challenge
Artwork by @merce_ph_
painting challenge aprilpainting challenge aprilpainting challenge april
Artwork by @luannemarten
monthly challenge aprilmonthly challenge aprilmonthly challenge april
Artwork by @blackkodzu



This extremely popular challenge was created by former Disney animator Tom Bancroft. Your job is simple: just draw a mermaid every day! There are also multiple prompt lists you can find on the Internet, if you need some help in sparking your imagination. Use the hashtag #mermay.

mermay challengemermay challengemermay challenge
Artwork by @sarangelyst
mermaid drawing challengemermaid drawing challengemermaid drawing challenge
Artwork by @markgerardjerk
art challenge for mayart challenge for mayart challenge for may
Artwork by @samsillust

May Sketch a Day

This is a great challenge for beginners, and a nice warm-up before all the other challenges. It can be hard to produce a drawing every day, but a sketch? You can doodle it during a short break! So sketch whatever you wish for 31 days and post under the tag #maysketchaday.

may sketch a day challengemay sketch a day challengemay sketch a day challenge
Artwork by @juanasketchbook
what challenge to do in maywhat challenge to do in maywhat challenge to do in may
Artwork by @devinplatts
may monthly challengemay monthly challengemay monthly challenge
Artwork by @elviredecock



Like every fantasy creature, unicorns can come in many forms. Can you imagine 30 of them? If so, this challenge is for you! Draw a unicorn every day for the whole of June and post under the tag #junicorn.

Artwork by @elbenherzart
cute unicorn challengecute unicorn challengecute unicorn challenge
Artwork by @truffke


Kaiju is a term for giant monsters that you may know from Japanese movies about strange creatures attacking cities. Let your imagination go wild and create 30 depictions of beasts destroying the world! The hashtag is #kaijune.

kaiju challengekaiju challengekaiju challenge
Artwork by @kay_cit
june art challengejune art challengejune art challenge
Artwork by @jacobkuddes1990


World Watercolor Month

This one was created to raise awareness of the importance of art and creativity, as well as to help children in need of art supplies through the Dreaming Zebra Foundation. Join the artists all around the world and paint a watercolor painting every day. Post under the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth.

world watercolor month challengeworld watercolor month challengeworld watercolor month challenge
Artwork by @julia.moran.watercolor
july art challengejuly art challengejuly art challenge
Artwork by @campcactus
instagram july challengeinstagram july challengeinstagram july challenge
Artwork by @zippoboldbar



If you love drawing dragons, here's a perfect excuse to draw them every day for a whole month! It's inspired by the name of the dragon in the Hobbit, Smaug, but you're free to draw any dragon you wish. Use the hashtag #smaugust.

smaugust challengesmaugust challengesmaugust challenge
Artwork by @artofnoxis
dragon drawing challengedragon drawing challengedragon drawing challenge
Artwork by @nambroth
august art challengeaugust art challengeaugust art challenge
Artwork by Stephanie Smith, used with permission. @critterwings



If you find the other drawing challenges a little bit intimidating and too time-consuming, try this one. Produce a sketch every day, using the prompt list to save time. Every doodle counts! The hashtag is #sketchtember.

sketchtember challengesketchtember challengesketchtember challenge
Artwork by @heatherfranzen
september art challengeseptember art challengeseptember art challenge
Artwork by @griffinfire
september instagram challengeseptember instagram challengeseptember instagram challenge
Artwork by @jmepaints



This challenge was created by artist Jake Parker with a goal of improving his inking skills. It was warmly welcomed by the artistic community, and now millions of artists follow this challenge every year. It grew so popular that even digital artists started to join it! Use the prompt list (or not) and post a fresh ink drawing every day under the tag #inktober.

inktober challengeinktober challengeinktober challenge
Artwork by @confederateyuni
october art chalengeoctober art chalengeoctober art chalenge
Artwork by me
october instagram challengeoctober instagram challengeoctober instagram challenge
Artwork by @syuinone9917


If you love Halloween, you can start celebrating it right on 1 October by following this challenge. The prompt list is full of crazy, spooky ideas that will surely inspire your imagination! The hashtag for this challenge is #drawlloween.

drawlloween challengedrawlloween challengedrawlloween challenge
Artwork by @akajellygirl
halloween art challengehalloween art challengehalloween art challenge
Artwork by @heatherhitchman


DrawDinovember (Dinovember)

If you want to bring your childhood love of dinosaurs back to life, use this challenge for an excuse to draw a dinosaur every day. Use a prompt list, or simply draw your favorite dinosaurs. The tags are #drawdinovember and #dinovember (not to be confused with the original Dinovember).

dinovember challengedinovember challengedinovember challenge
Artwork by @broderjoakim
drawdinovember challengedrawdinovember challengedrawdinovember challenge
Artwork by @thoughtsupnorth
draw dinosaurs challengedraw dinosaurs challengedraw dinosaurs challenge
Artwork by @rheyia_art


This is a perfect challenge for all artists and designers alike: post something created in a single hue every day, according to the prompt list. This isn't only a chance to explore all hues in your work, but also a unique opportunity to create a rainbow out of your artworks! You can use a consistent theme, or create something new every day. Use the tag #huevember for this.

huevember challnegehuevember challnegehuevember challnege
Artwork by @chely.gv
cor drawing chalengecor drawing chalengecor drawing chalenge
Artwork by @anxious_witch_
november art chalengenovember art chalengenovember art chalenge
Artwork by @tom_artik



Originally created by an artist who missed Inktober, Drawcember is a universal challenge where you can draw anything you like. Be careful, though—December is a busy month, and it can be a challenge in itself to make it through! The hashtag is #drawcember.

drawcember challengedrawcember challengedrawcember challenge
Artwork by @lanecope
december art chalengedecember art chalengedecember art chalenge
Artwork by @dawnatsunset_ket
december instagram challengedecember instagram challengedecember instagram challenge
Artwork by @kausijuoppo

Other Challenges

If you don't like the idea of waiting for a specific month to follow a challenge, there are also other challenges that run all year long. 

Daily UI

Finally, something for UI designers! Join the mailing list to receive a prompt every day for 100 days, with a chance to win something after reaching the milestones. Post your works under the hashtag #dailyui.

dailyui challengedailyui challengedailyui challenge
Design by @azaryamukhi_designs
ui design challengeui design challengeui design challenge
Design by @bastien_adam_design

Daily Logo Challenge

If you're a logo designer, here's a challenge for you: get a new prompt every day for 50 days, and build a portfolio in the meantime! Use the hashtag #dailylogochallenge.

daily logo challengedaily logo challengedaily logo challenge
Artwork by @dario_designer
logo deisgn challengelogo deisgn challengelogo deisgn challenge
Design by @karlmccarthydesign

Sharpen.design Generator

If you want to take a challenge on your own terms, use this generator of prompts for as many days as you wish. Doesn't "Design a jacket patch for a monthly vodka subscription box" sound fun and inspiring? With this generator, you'll never run out of ideas! It's not really an official challenge, but you can use the tags #sharpendesign and #madewithsharpen for this.

30-Day Draw-What-You-See Drawing Challenge

There's no better way to understand the basics of drawing objects than by actually drawing them from real life. Even if you want to draw dragons, it's necessary to learn how to draw a light bulb first. So use this prompt list to cover a lot of basic forms without thinking—you'll see yourself getting better over these 30 days!


If you need a fresh drawing idea every day, and you like sharing your work and talking about the works of others, you can use this subreddit—with prompts as posts and artworks posted as comments.


While some of these challenges may seem intimidating, keep in mind that the main goal is to develop a habit of creating. So if you managed to create something every day for a period of time, you already succeeded—even if your works are not outstanding.

Remember that although some of these challenges are monthly themed, you don't have to wait for a specific month to follow them. Sure, it's nice to work alongside a whole community following the same challenge, but if you want to try something right now, you don't have to wait—nobody is stopping you from using the #inktober tag in February!

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