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We see celebrities all the time. On television, in movies, or magazines, they are everywhere. When we think of Photoshop and celebrities, however, most of us probably think of how it is used to “air brush” them for magazine spreads or maybe how it has been used to create some embarrassing moments for them and their PR teams. In today’s round up, however we have decided to pull together some of our favorite celebrity fan art illustrations and showcase them for you all to enjoy. Included are: Megan Fox, Steve Carell, Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, and more.

Steve Carell by June Hardee

We start this list off with an awesome digital painting of funny man Steve Carell. The artist picked a naturally funny scene to illustrate his personality. The illustration itself is extremely detailed when viewed at its highest resolution, we can see that there was a lot of work put into this painting.

Michael C. Hall by Snapperz

Any fans of the show Dexter can easily recognize who was drawn in this uniquely colored digital painting. The artist painted this serial killer with some very dull tones but the details still really stand out perfectly, especially in the little news article that was added.

Robert Downey Jr. by Doormouse1960

Iron man himself is featured here in another sharp looking digital painting. The artist decided to go for an airbrushed look in this painting and she achieved it perfectly, the whole illustration looks very smooth and flows together perfectly.

Rihanna by Brian Golden

Our first black and white painting shows off Rihanna perfectly. The artist did such an amazing job that it almost looks like a photograph, the realism is
definitely there with this one. Check out the post itself for some detailed shots as well as a little walkthrough.

Penelope Cruz by José Capela

Another perfectly executed painting by another great artist. This beautiful illustration looks almost like it was hand painted on canvas but in fact its all digital. The texture on the painting really takes it to another level and making it one of the best executed ones in this list.

Olivia Wilde by Milos Ckonjovic

The artist who painted this one didn't really go for realism and kept it digital and airbrushed. That
doesn't mean that it didn't turn out amazing, all the little details are there to make this into another beautiful piece.

Natalie Portman by José Capela

José Capela who painted the Penelope Cruz portrait is back again on this list with another fantastic contribution. This time we see a much different approach to an actress portrait, the colors are as wild as well as the imagery.

Morgan Freeman by Amro Tolio

The majority of digital painters featured here and in general use Wacom tablets to paint these amazing pieces, but not this designer. This extra detailed piece on actor Morgan Freeman was done with only a mouse! Not really sure how but you have to commend the designer for pulling off a stunning painting with just a mouse and Photoshop.

Lady Gaga by Robotafro

Our first vexel image is a portrait of the eccentrically dressed Lady Gaga, just like the last artist this one used nothing more than a mouse and the Photoshop pen tool to create this very cool illustration. The colors are all very vibrant and blend together well, it makes for some very cool fan art.

Megan Fox by Yannick De Smet

Actress Megan Fox gets painted here in a phenomenal digital painting. The soft colors used played well with Fox and the detailed painting makes for a very realistic look. The piercing blue eyes were just painted perfectly, the artist did an amazing job on this one.

Jimmi Hendrix by Germán Covacevich

Here is another perfectly painted portrait, this time showing guitar legend Jimmi Hendrix. The artist used no colors in this one and it came out phenomenal, all the brush strokes seen almost flow with
each other in this painting. This portrait is definitely one of the best featured in this group.

Hugh Laurie by Will Murai

Here we have a really interesting illustration of actor Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House. This is almost a mix of caricature and portrait, and this artist plays this
combination perfectly. All the colors are great and the rest of the scenery around Laurie is spot on.

Jennifer Connelly by José Capela

José Capela's celebrity paintings are just so amazing that we had to feature another one. This time of another beautiful actress, Jennifer Connelly. The artist chooses an unusual angle to paint but it really pays off and gives a whole other dimension to the already perfect painting. This guy has some serious talent so make sure to check out the rest of his gallery.

Johnny Depp by Noémi

Johnny Depp's character in Sweeny Todd is painted here by another talented artist. The whole setting of the movie was very dark and the painting just keeps that scenario going with its lighting and very dreary mood. There is also a speed painting video to go along with this painting to make sure to check it out by going to the original page.

Leonardo Dicaprio by Mohammad Jilani

Another famous actors movie role is painted here, Inceptions Dicaprio is illustrated perfectly giving the piece the same mystery and logic defying angle as the movie. It could have been a bit more vibrant but the grainy texture really adds to the painting.

Johnny Depp by Jeremy Roberts

Johnny Depp is featured again but this time in a different famous role. This pirate portrait looks
extremely realistic and uses some very unique techniques that mix 3D elements with
Photoshop. It comes out looking exactly like a photograph until you look a lot closer and see the smooth tones that make it look like a painting. A phenomenal job was done by this artist for using an interesting approach to a digital painting.

Zoe Saldana by Copperthistle

This illustration features Avatar's Zoe Saldana in a very cool and colorful vector. The artist obviously
didn't try and make this one realistic but it definitely is still appealing because of its unique style and color choice.

Heath Ledger by Daniel LuVisi

One of Heath Ledgers last and greatest roles was the Joker in the Batman film, this gruesome character was painted to perfection by artist Daniel LuVisi. Nothing but a black background works perfectly with who the character was and how he was
portrayed, we can perfectly see it in his eyes and that makes this a top notch painting.

Lady Gaga by Fabulosity

This Lady Gaga portrait was created by the vexel technique and came out looking stellar. The details are all there while still keeping that original vexel'ed look. This piece holds almost 500 layers so we can see a lot of work went into making this one. Be sure to check out the rest of this artists work for more.

Kanye West by Magomed Dovjenko

Rapper Kanye West rounds out our list with a very cool and unique portrait of him. Designer Magomed Dovjenko used some very unique collage like techniques to put together a portrait of the rapper. All these elements blend together for an awesome illustration.

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