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Illustrator to After Effects - Batman Revised on Aetuts+

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Vector isn't just used for creating inspiring illustrations, fancy UI elements, amazing icons and fantastic typography. Vector can also be used as part of sleak animations! Today we're going to show you a great Batman animation created initially in Adobe Illustrator and then point you in the direction to our Tuts+ network site Aetuts+, who will show you how to create the animation in Adobe After Effects.

Final Product

Learn How to Create the Animation

Aetuts+ are here to show you how to create this sleak animation, as part of their four part series. With video tutorials, you will learn how to create each characters section of this fun 11 second animation.

  • Illustrator to After Effects Relation-tips – Batman Vector Animation

    In part one, following an animation based on the Batman trilogy, we are going to show how to smooth the movements of an animation and how to make a natural bounce effect. Also there are a few tips, tricks and advise for you to feel more confident with your animation within After Effects.

  • Illustrator to After Effects Relation-tips – Joker Vector Animation

    We will look at how the Joker section was created and how you can make the different elements appear in your animation, giving them cool effects and playing with them until they look perfect. We will revise some effects previously worked with and we will unveil a couple other secrets as well.

  • Illustrator to After Effects Relation-tips – Two-Face Vector Animation

    This is the third tutorial of four based on the Batman Trilogy. This part will be focusing on how to get the most natural multidimensional movement when dealing with a number of elements together. As always, we'll include several tips and tricks to help you grow as you continue learning After Effects.

  • Illustrator to After Effects Relation-tips – Bane Vector Animation

    In this last video for the "Batman Revised" series we’ll review some the many concepts we have explained throughout the first three parts. We’ll also learn how to create a realistic snow effect, how to animate the circle element in the background and as always, we will explain some tricks and tips that we hope you find useful.


Vector graphics are used within so many projects and today we've highlighted just one of them. Keep your eyes open in the future for some creative cross overs, where we will show you the many uses of vector.

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