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To me, Icons are up there with Fonts as some sort of design crack. I'm not sure when I got hooked, but it's been a while now and my hard drive is crammed with icon sets of all shapes and varieties. So when we launched GraphicRiver a couple months ago there was no question as to whether we'd have an icon section. Even though it's still early days there are already a ton of great icon sets, and in this post I thought I'd showcase a few of the best, starting with WeFunction's massive 275 icon set!

Function App Icon Set by liam_uk7

Pack of 60 Icons by ranfirefly

50 Cool matte icons by hipis

Basic Icon set by hipis

Anodized UI Elements by blabus

Green Environment Icons by stigma5

Commerce Theme Vector Icon Set by Kilik

Detailed Camera Lens Icon Pack by contempoinc

Glossy Shopping Sticker Icons by Mirtt

Business Avatars by Twos

Design elements and icons by helix7

Freehand Icons by shonsybqd

Lumina - 136 soft and glossy icon set by freud

150 Small Gell Buttons Pack by CAMS

48 Ultra Cute Vector icons by hipis

Green battery ICON - empty/full - layered .psd by upir

Circlicity - Circular icons by Shaoren

Media Player Icons | Onyx Edition by scottwills

Warm Icons Set by stigma5

Music Theme Vector Icon Set by Kilik

Denis icons part 2 by plechi

Download Box Icon Set by thomasfedb

hot chocolate, coffee, milk mugs icons by upir

Realistic Weather Icons Pack by contempoinc

Flags Pack by boldonblue

Icon set for web and apps by sixtyeight

Mail Icons by DESIGNTED

Platino Dark - Web Set 4 by ckng

Colassal Collection Vector Icons (2 of 2) by Kilik

Minimo Icon Set by logorado

Graphic Design Week

To celebrate the launch of GraphicRiver's new Print Design Templates category we're putting on a whole week of graphic design tutorials on both Psdtuts+ and Vectortuts+. The new category means you can now sell your design work to make extra cash On the flip side if you're coming up short on inspiration, you can get a kickstart by grabbing a Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign template via GraphicRiver. So to give the new category the launch it deserves, all this week we'll be bringing you articles and tutorials just like this one, on graphic design as part of our Tuts+ Graphic Design Week.

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