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How to Incorporate Photoshop Into Your Daily Routine

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Many of us already use Photoshop on a day-to-day basis. But are we limiting our creativity by only focusing on certain projects or styles? In this article we'll learn how to create new inspiration by incorporating Photoshop into our day-to-day lives.

How Do YOU Use Photoshop?

When you hear the word Photoshop, what comes to mind? Perhaps you follow it up with keywords like airbrushing, photo manipulation, and digital art. And whether you're a novice or Photoshop professional, we all fall prey to the designer's equivalent of writer's block. So how do you cope when the inspiration meter is running on empty?

Create Your Own Inspiration

While inspiration posts are fun, they often help us get as much done as Facebook. And part of growing with a program like Photoshop is giving yourself the leeway to experiment. Clients, deadlines, and even personal barriers are all headaches we can overcome with a little Photoshop therapy.

Below are a few examples of fun, no-pressure projects for a creativity boost during your free time.

Desktop Motivation and Inspiration

We see our desktop wallpapers every single day. What does your current desktop say about your mood, interests, or aspirations? Explore a change of pace by creating wallpapers that inspire action.

Inspiration Collage

Your goals, family, and passions are all different from one another, so the next time you save and minimize your work, let your desktop remind you of what matters most. Create a collage of inspiration using photos, which illustrate the memories, feelings, people, and interests you love best.

Timeline of Improvement

Sometimes working in Photoshop just makes a person want to throw their computer right out the window! So when frustration is brewing, look back on the work you've done with a sense of pride and openness towards your growth. Create a timeline of past and current work with notes of personal achievements along the way. Soon enough you'll see the humor in your humble beginnings and the inspiration in your present.

A Friendly Reminder

What is that one thing you always forget to do? For me, it's either not saving my work or thinking way too hard. Add a friendly reminder to your wallpaper, and who knows, you might just read it at the right time. Extra brownie points if it utilizes wicked typography design!

DIY Projects

Step away from your normal frame of work to pursue projects at home. Engaging your creativity in a new element will help to quiet the pressure of work related projects. Fit some time in to create an environment that will inspire you morning, noon, and night.

Interior Design

Take photos of your home and office and open them in Photoshop. Wondering what the walls would look like a different color? Change them. And how about that room you've been meaning to redecorate or organize. Well, grab the brush tool and sketch a new layout for the room. Even insert photos of possible artwork, furniture, and other products to complete your ideal space.

Arts and Crafts

Perhaps you're more of an arts and crafts kind of person. Allow Photoshop to help streamline the process by planning out sketches, colors, and even textures of your next craft. Everyone from product designers to fashion designers utilize Photoshop to execute their passions.

Photoshop Sketchbook

Bring the university setting to you by strengthening the basics in Photoshop. Dedicate a new file to practice experimental and observational sketches. To save on costs for new sketchbooks simply create new layers in Photoshop for endless doodles.

Practice Anatomy

Studying anatomy will only make your digital art better. Whether it's of your hand or a stock photo, include lots of quick and detailed sketches of anatomy. Study how principles like perspective affect the human form while conditioning your mind to pick up on the influence of your subject's environment.

Still Life

Drawing classes are made up of lots of still life works. Still life drawings allow us to observe the composition as a whole, and how light, shadow, and point of view affect that composition. Challenge yourself by working with tonal shapes instead of lines for an engaging twist.


Maybe you need a different kind of inspiration. Many of us often forget the animation possibilities with Photoshop. Create a fun animation that can uplift your mood and benefit from its lessons of movement and expression.

Take on a New Project Today

Remember, there is no one way to use Photoshop. In fact, it's a canvas for creations of any kind, so familiarize yourself with its endless techniques and possibilities on a day to day basis. How do you create your own inspiration in Photoshop?

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