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How to Customize a Photoshop Action

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What You'll Be Creating

Photoshop actions make it possible to create gorgeous photo effects in less time. Today, you'll learn how to create a cool double exposure effect, using incredible actions from Envato Elements

Watch the steps unfold in this quick video lesson and get all the details you need in the written process below. Head on over to Envato Market for more amazing Photoshop effects with Photoshop actions.

Follow along with this tutorial over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel.

Tutorial Assets

The following assets were used in the production of this tutorial:

1. How to Download and Install Photoshop Actions

Step 1

Start with a great action. I'll be using this Double Exposure action from Envato Elements.

First, download the action and locate it in the appropriate folder on your computer. Right-click to Extract the folder's contents from the compressed zip file, and then locate the action inside.

Download the Photoshop actionDownload the Photoshop actionDownload the Photoshop action

Step 2

Now install the action. Go to Window > Actions, and choose Load Actions from the drop-down options.

Locate your Photoshop action from the right folder, and then hit Load to load it in the Actions panel.

How to Load the Photoshop actionHow to Load the Photoshop actionHow to Load the Photoshop action

2. How to Use Photoshop Actions for a Double Exposure Effect

Step 1

Keep in mind that every Photoshop action has specific guidelines for you to follow for a successful result. In my case, I'll need large, contrasting photos that blend well together.

Once your action is installed, open the Fox stock in Photoshop.

Resize the stockResize the stockResize the stock

Select the fox photo. Press Control-A and then Copy and Paste it onto a New Layer above the woodland background.

Free Transform (Control-T) to resize the fox picture so that the white background completely covers the landscape underneath. Now select the action and press Play.

Luckily, this one loads pretty quickly, but other actions may take a few minutes.

Step 2

Some Photoshop actions just end with the final result, while others give you additional adjustable layers to customize the final look.

Create a double exposure effect in PhotoshopCreate a double exposure effect in PhotoshopCreate a double exposure effect in Photoshop

First, I'll Hide the Visibility of the initial Shading Adjustment Layer.

Next, I'll Unhide the original fox layer before adding a Layer Mask.

Use a Soft Round Brush (100% Opacity, 0% Hardness) to paint black onto the mask, and mask away the parts you don't want in order to reveal the woodland background underneath. Try to keep the fox's face visible.

Step 3

Let's customize it some more.

Dig into the action Groups and Unhide the normal mode layer, and then Unhide and change the Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer to 45 for Brightness and 100 for Contrast.

Adjust the brightness and contrastAdjust the brightness and contrastAdjust the brightness and contrast

Step 4

Next, let's add Layer Masks to the normal and screen mode layers to refine the result some more.

Since this look is totally up to you, feel free to adjust it according to the photos you choose. Now select the Hue and Saturation Adjustment Layer from the Background Group and set the Saturation to 25.

Here's the result so far.

Adjust the saturationAdjust the saturationAdjust the saturation

3. How to Colorize With Duotone Actions

You can take your results a step further by combining another Photoshop action to the previous effect. Here I'll be using this Faded Duotone Photoshop Action.

Follow the same steps as before to download and load your action in the Actions panel.

Then Merge all your layers together, and Play the duotone setting you want from this pack. In this case, I chose Woodland Vintage.

Add a faded duotone Photoshop actionAdd a faded duotone Photoshop actionAdd a faded duotone Photoshop action

Keep the result as is, or set the Layer Blend Mode to Lighten for a seamless result with blue undertones.

Here's the final effect.

How to Use Double Exposure Photoshop ActionsHow to Use Double Exposure Photoshop ActionsHow to Use Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

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