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How to Create an Instagram-Inspired Neon Text Effect: Photoshop in 60 Seconds

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Create awesome text effects like your favorite Instagrammers. Check out this video below!

Photoshop in 60 Seconds: Neon Text Effect

There are so many ways to bring your photos to the next level. In this video, I'll show you how to create an Instagram-worthy neon text effect in Adobe Photoshop. This text effect is inspired by amazing photographers like Calop and more, and you can create it with the font of your choice or with helpful smart objects.

Watch the steps unfold and get all the details you need in the process below. Check out more amazing fonts and resources on Envato Elements.

How to Create a Neon Text Effect in Photoshop

Start with the photo. Landscape photography usually works best for this effect. Consider compositions like roads where the viewer automatically gets drawn to the text.

Here I'll be using this Scenic Route Yosemite photo.

Road Landscape Photo Envato Elements

There are several ways you can create this effect. You can use the Neon Type from the video or the font of your choice, or you can even draw the text yourself.

If you're using the Neon Type smart objects:

Select the Neon On Group. Right-click to Rasterize the layer for each letter, and then apply the Layer Mask. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to select the letter, and then Copy and Paste each letter onto your photo.

Rasterize the letters

Build the entire quote you would like to use, letter by letter. Then Merge all the letters together, and adjust the size of the words with the Free Transform Tool (Control-T).

Adjust the text

Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue and Saturation. Change the color to one that fits the scene better, but feel free to use any color you'd like. Here I changed the color to:

  • Hue: 26
  • Saturation: 87
  • Lightness: 64

To create the glow, create a New Layer set to Vivid Light. Then use a rich orange color (or one of your choice) #ffa369 to paint glow onto the letters, ground, and surrounding environment with a Soft Round Brush (0% Hardness/20-60% Opacity).

Paint the glow

Darken the scene with a new Color Lookup Adjustment layer, setting the 3DLUT File to LateSunset.3DL. Adjust the Layer Opacity as desired.

Continue to adjust the glowing text. You may need several layers to do so. Then finish up with a quick vignette by creating an orange Radial Gradient set to Multiply on a New Layer.

Here is the result below!

Instagram Neon Text Effect Photohsop Tutorial

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