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How to Create a Podcast Cover Art Design


Looking for a great cover for your podcast? Want to learn how to create podcast cover art quickly and easily?

Podcast Cover Art
Create your own Podcast Cover Art quickly and easily at Placeit

You're in luck. Today, I'm going to introduce you to the podcast cover art maker from Placeit and show you how to design podcast cover art in no time at all. 

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How to Create a Podcast Cover Art Design Using the Podcast Cover Art Maker

1. Choose a Podcast Cover Design

Go to Placeit's Podcast Cover Art Maker and select the best podcast cover for your needs.

Podcast Cover Art

2. Add a Background Image

This will open up the Podcast Cover Art Maker. To customise your template, first select a background. There are a number of great images you can choose from the template. You can also search for a specific image to go with your podcast theme in the search bar. Or you can upload your own image from your computer by clicking the Custom image button.  

Podcast Cover Art

3. Choose Your Colour Scheme

Choose a colour for the top bar using the dropdown colour picker. When that’s done, select your frame colour.

Podcast Cover Art

4. Change the Text

Now let's move over to the left side of the template and update the text by entering the name of the podcast and the presenter. In this area, you can also find the best font for your podcast cover art and change the colour of the text. You also have the option of adding additional text here and uploading your own logo if you have one. 

Podcast Cover Art

5. Download Your New Podcast Cover

When you’re happy with your mockup, you can download it for a small fee. 

Podcast Cover Art

10 Best Podcast Cover Designs

Now that you know how to use the Placeit podcast cover art maker, let's take a look at the best podcast cover art designs at Placeit. 

All the Placeit templates are designed to conform to the iTunes podcast cover art specs, so you don't have to worry about getting the podcast cover size right. Placeit takes care of that for you. 

1. Minimalist Podcast Cover Template With a Travel Background

Podcast Cover Art

Inspire your audience to listen to your travel podcast when you add this superb cover art visual. The template offers wonderful travel images as a backdrop with semi-transparent overlays, allowing your text to stand without obscuring the image underneath. 

2. Music Theory Podcast Cover Generator With a Minimal Style

Podcast Cover Art

Musicians take note, this podcast cover design is for you. Use any of the terrific images that come with the template or upload your own. Choose your colour scheme, add your text, and your design is ready to download.

3. Podcast Cover Maker for Film Critics

Podcast Cover Art

This is just one of the great covers for film-themed podcasts, so if you don't love this one, there are plenty more to choose from. If you like some aspects of the template but not others, no problem. Use the podcast cover art maker to modify the template in a matter of minutes.  

4. Business-Related Podcast Cover Template

Podcast Cover Art

Business podcasts don't have to be boring. Customise any template to create the look you want, as I did here. It's unconventional for sure, and it may not suit every type of business show, but if you're targeting the under-30s, it's a good podcast cover art choice. 

5. Podcast Cover Template for Creativity-Themed Shows

Podcast Cover Art

You need a podcast cover design that stops your potential listeners in their tracks when they're scrolling through lists of podcasts. If your subject is about creativity in any of its forms, this template is a great choice for you. It offers tons of gorgeous background images and, as you know by now, customisation is super easy. 

6. Podcast Cover Maker With Picture

Podcast Cover Art

Great images, bold text, and eye-catching colours go a long way. Make sure your potential audience is inspired to listen to your podcast when they catch sight of your podcast cover design.

7. Podcast Cover Creator With a Gender Theme

Podcast Cover Art

Good podcast cover art has never been easier to create. Don't waste time trying to figure out how to make a podcast cover art design when Placeit is so very affordable and easy to use. Select your favourite temple and use the podcast cover art maker to customise it in minutes. 

8. Podcast Cover Maker With a Cute Minimalist Design

Podcast Cover Art

Bloggers, diarists and the like will be happy with this simple but stylish podcast cover art template. It's eye-catching, affordable, and easy to customise. What more could you ask for?

9. Versatile Podcast Cover Maker

Podcast Cover Art

Fashionistas, this is the podcast cover art template you've been waiting for. Why spend time messing around with complicated software and teaching yourself how to make a podcast cover art design when all you need is Placeit and five minutes?

10. Colorful Podcast Cover Design Template

Podcast Cover Art

What's great about this podcast cover is that it can be customised to work for any podcast theme. Just choose a background colour that appeals to you, add your text, choose your font and font colour, and you're done. That's how you make good podcast cover art with minimal fuss.

Make Your Own Podcast Cover Today

Now you know how to make a podcast cover art design, and you also have a sample of the best podcast cover art designs available at Placeit. Why not use the Placeit podcast cover art maker to create your own unique podcast cover, and share your design with us in the comments below? We’d love to see what you come up with. 

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