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Hidden Features Revealed in Adobe's Latest Sneak Peek Video

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In yesterday's sneak peek video explaining Photoshop's new Blur Gallery, Photoshop Product Manager, Stephen Nielsen demonstrated the new Iris Blur effect, a feature that will help you to simulate depth of field in a photo. While I thought that the new feature was really exciting, I was a bit confused about the wording he used. Blur Gallery implies several types of blurs, but in the video, Nielsen only shows the Iris Blur feature. If this is a gallery, then where are the other types of blurs? Is Iris Blur the only new blur, or have they just rolled all the other blur effects into a gallery, similar to the Filter Gallery? I decided to investigate.

I watched the video a couple more times to see if there were any hints hidden in the video. What I found was a few new items that Nielsen didn't mention but were clearly visible if you slow the video down. Take a look at the screenshot below. It clearly shows 2 new types of blur; Field Blur and Tilt-Shift. In addition, there is also a Blur Effects panel that includes a Bokeh option.

What does this mean? It means that the Blur Gallery does actually include more than one new type of blur. The Blur Gallery seems to offer several types of blur, as well as some options to help you further customize your effects.

What do you think? Are you excited about Photoshop's new Blur Gallery? Is this feature enough to convince you to make the upgrade?

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