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Happy Holidays and Thanks for Reading Psdtuts+!


We at Psdtuts+ would like to wish all of our readers, subscribers, and writers a Happy Holidays! Thank you for your support and for making this site such a tremendous success. Wow, the year has flown by. We've made some big improvements to the site throughout 2008, from an improved theme design, new video content, to adding writers, and working with high end artists to deliver premium PLUS content. I'm psyched to see what we can do with 2009!

We've got more quality content planned throughout the rest of this holiday season! A couple milestones were passed on the site. PLUS content keeps releasing with new artists and authors on a weekly basis. We crossed the 30,000 RSS subscriber mark. Actually, it was kind of surprising. I went to Psdtuts+ one day last week and saw our numbers up by 10,000, which is unheard of. I found out the Collis and Chris had fixed an issue that was displaying our numbers wrong. So, we're getting close to 40,000 now. Yes, we've got a lot to be happy for during this holiday season!

Enjoy the snow for those of you in winterland. I think the holidays is the only time I miss the white landscapes of New England. I'll have to imagine that the white beach sand down here in Venezuela as a snowy landscape I suppose.

Thanks for making 2008 a great year! Feel free to leave any suggestions for changes or improvements to Psdtuts+ in the comments, as now is a great time for reflection, and evaluating possible additions for next year!

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