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GraphicRiver - A Graphic Art Department At Your Fingertips

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Today I'm very excited to announce that we're taking the lid off our newest Envato Marketplace: GraphicRiver, a marketplace for premium design components like Layered Photoshop Graphics, Vector Illustrations, Icons, and Adobe Add-ons like Brushes, Patterns and Textures at very affordable prices. You could almost say it's like having a graphic art department at your fingertips!

GraphicRiver is connected to our other marketplaces (FlashDen, ThemeForest, VideoHive and AudioJungle) and the 130,000 strong community of users who buy and sell there. So your regular marketplace account works on the new site and it runs off the same interface you're already comfortable with.

What Kinds of Items Can You Buy?

While the marketplace is only just getting started, there's already over 350 files to sample from our industrious beta authors. Take a look at some of the amazing files you'll find:

Layered Photoshop BackgroundsLayered Photoshop BackgroundsLayered Photoshop Backgrounds
Photoshop IllustrationsPhotoshop IllustrationsPhotoshop Illustrations
Graphic IconsGraphic IconsGraphic Icons
Icon SetsIcon SetsIcon Sets
Vector IllustrationsVector IllustrationsVector Illustrations
Photoshop BrushesPhotoshop BrushesPhotoshop Brushes

Tutorial9, Abduzeedo and Vandelay Review + $6000 Cash Giveaway

Normally when we launch a site you just hear from Envato - and let's face it we love our own products! So this time we asked three independent and respected blogs - Tutorial9, Abduzeedo and Vandelay Design - to weigh in with their own unbiased review of the site. We gave each blogger access to the beta and a bit of cash to spend and they've kindly reviewed GraphicRiver on their own blogs.

AND we've asked each of the three bloggers to give away $2000 worth of free cash to spend on the marketplaces - to the first 100 valid commenters on their posts.

Read the Reviews + Grab some Free Money:

  1. Tutorial9 - GraphicRiver Launch & $2000 Giveaway
  2. Abduzeedo - $2000 Giveaway
  3. Vandelay Design - GraphicRiver Launch and $2000 Giveaway

Authors Earn 40-70%

After our Feb 15th commission update, authors are elligible for between 40 and 70% of each sale. With a bit of skill, talent and enthusiasm, designers and illustrators can sign up as authors and sell either specially made items or useful bits and pieces that you've had lying about on your hard-drive.

What's Next?

If you regularly follow Envato's activities then you know we don't really believe in things like rest breaks, sleep or just standing still. So what's next for the Marketplaces? Well we're working on a complete redesign of the sites, including an update to the branding. We've got new functionality lined up like better uploading and new licensing options. We're also crafting up three more marketplaces for later in the year!

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