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Grab Some Inspiration with Over 25 Yummy Vector Characters!

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GraphicRiver hosts a truckload of vector characters. In this post we've rounded up some of the most inspiring of them. They are all available for a reasonable price. Let's check out some characters that have been created recently by numerous artists from GraphicRiver! Maybe one day you'll see one of your characters featured on Vectortuts+.

Cartoon Zombie by fizzgig

4 Bloo Vector Characters by crimz

Tweet by fizzgig

Cardinal by bitesizemunchy

Under Construction Monkey by tsumba

Cereal Monster by dalileo

Lion by DirkL7

Cool Cats by Ania

Dance of the Upper East Siders by bendangsenla

Five Kids Character by SummerSun

4 Cute Characters by Davesgud

Squirrel by javier_rejon

Cute Redhead by spinsugar

Birdie by dvkro

Chibi Dragon by zeusbox

Dummy on Steroids by zhille

Cute Sad Looking Ghost Bear by candycat

Geeks Two Cents by zhille

Panda by running727

Zodiac Signs Cuties by Trevor80

Tech Guy Mascot by Trevor80

Summer Beauty by hipis

Birdie by Eseniko

Monkey King by running727

Miss Payne by grubforce

Angel and Demon by running727

Chic Girl by Mahno

Flaming Creature by k3vinteh

Maestro by emfeha

Stone Age by Kailoon

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