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Get Ready for 2016 With Printable Monthly Calendar and Blank Planner Templates

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Do you need to up your approach to planning in the coming year? What about getting your brand in front of your customers as we kickstart 2016?

It’s challenging to design a monthly calendar from scratch or put together the hundreds of pages that go into a personal daily planner. Don’t worry though, we have you covered! It starts with quality calendar and planner template designs. 

Ready To Print, Custom Design Options

There are a ton of printable 2016 calendar and planner templates featured here from GraphicRiver. They are all purposefully designed for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planning.

And all of these calendar templates are made to be customized. Just add your logo, change the color scheme to match your brand, insert your company's photos, and you’ll have a unique marketing asset to deliver to your clients. Calendars are a great way to stay front of mind with your customers throughout the year.

Best printable calendar and planner templates, available for sale on GraphicRiver. 

Or use one of these calendar or planner templates to inspire your team. Put together a wall calendar that includes all your milestones and big goals for the new year. And don’t forget about your own needs as well. A daily organizer or desktop calendar may be exactly the tool you need to improve your paper-based productivity in 2016.

There are a number of template types to choose from in this showcase (any one of which may be just what you’re looking for) such as:

  • yearly wall calendars
  • desktop calendar templates
  • printable monthly calendars
  • blank calendar templates
  • monthly poster designs
  • daily planner templates
  • weekly schedule templates
  • pocket calendars

Just add your business info to these already impactful designs, then you’re ready to print, ship, and wow your customers!

Printable Calendar and Planner Templates

Here are fifteen monthly calendar and printable planner templates to choose from:

1. Printable Calendar Template for 2016 - 2017

This is a minimal style, professional monthly calendar template design. Each month is a wall calendar you can print and hang. It has margins for adding your monthly milestones or goals to. This calendar design is also great for representing your business creatively.

It’s made in Adobe InDesign for two larger format paper sizes including US Tabloid and International A3 format. All files are super organised and fully layered. You can customize the colors readily and all the text is bundled into easy to work with styles. If you don’t have InDesign though, don’t worry, you can work with your printer to customize it for your business and prep it for output.

Printable calendar template 2016Printable calendar template 2016Printable calendar template 2016
Blank Calendar Template for 2016 - 2017.

2. Year Wall Planner for 2016

This clean organized design is great for tracking goals or setting your long term agenda. Plan out your whole year with this 2016 wall yearly planner. It’s easy to personalize for your business. Just add in your details and print.

This wall planner is A3 size, which is 420mm x 297mm + 5mm bleed (or 11.69 x 16.53 inches). It comes in two different layout options of horizontal and vertical. It’s available in both Adobe InDesign and flexible vector format. You can scale this blank yearly template it to any size you want and still retain high resolution. Its includes an extensive help file.

2016 Yearly Planner template2016 Yearly Planner template2016 Yearly Planner template
Blank Year Wall Planner Template for 2016.

3. Creative, Brandable 2016 Calendar Template

This calendar template has a clean colorful design, which feels like bright constellations. It’s designed in a creative, minimalist style with great visual impact. It has all of the pages for 2016, plus a cover and a one page full year design. It’s Print ready: CMYK, 300 DPI, and full bleed. It’s compatible with recent versions of InDesign, fully editable, and set up for easy content management and customization. All vectors and graphics are included in the files you download.

Creative Monthly Calendar TemplateCreative Monthly Calendar TemplateCreative Monthly Calendar Template
Creative 2016 Monthly Calendar Template

4. Stylish Corporate 2016 Calendar Template

This printable calendar template is designed for use for multiple businesses across industries. It’s unique layout is crafted in a modern style and features large images, which you can readily swap out to represent your company. Good for representing marketing, photography, design, fashion, or other business types. It included vector graphic files, textures, and is setup for easy customization in InDesign. It’s A3 in size and print ready.

Corporate Monthly 2016 Calendar TemplateCorporate Monthly 2016 Calendar TemplateCorporate Monthly 2016 Calendar Template
Corporate Monthly 2016 Calendar Template.

5. Big Wall Calendar Year Planner for 2016

This large, at a glance yearly wall planner gives you a complete view of all of 2016. Great for planning your company's big goals and major events for the year. This poster calendar is easy to modify, just swap in your logo, change the colors to match your brand and you’re ready to print. This printable calendar template is a large canvas for you to work with.

Year Wall Calendar Year Planner 2016 PrintableYear Wall Calendar Year Planner 2016 PrintableYear Wall Calendar Year Planner 2016 Printable
Printable Wall Calendar Planner for 2016.

6. Flat Minimal, Simple Style Calendar Template

This is a bold, minimal calendar in a flat style. It features modern typography and bright colors against a dark background. It’s perfect for those looking something bright yet understated. This poster calendar size is A3, which is 11×17 inch (Tabloid) format, but can be scaled or adjusted to another paper size easily. It’s a monthly calendar, which includes a year planner on the back cover. It’s setup for high resolution printing from InDesign.

Flat Minimal Monthly Printable CalendarFlat Minimal Monthly Printable CalendarFlat Minimal Monthly Printable Calendar
Flat Minimal, Creative Monthly Calendar - Printable Template.

7. Planner, Diary, Organizer - Template Set for 2016

If you’re wanting to plan better in 2016, then a daily planner may be just what you need. This daily planner template is setup with minimal need for customization. There’s only one page where you should place your custom information, the rest is all set and ready to go with all the dates and page designs you need. There are three color schemes to choose from or you can select custom colors in InDesign using the Swatches panel. The print dimensions are A5, which is 148×210 mm (5.8×8.2 inches).

PlannerOrganizer Template for 2016PlannerOrganizer Template for 2016PlannerOrganizer Template for 2016
Planner/Organizer - Blank Printable Template for 2016.

8. Weekly Planner - Blank Template Set for 2016

This is a highly-functional weekly planner template. It includes 120 pages and a cover page at 15 size. It’s print ready and fully editable in InDesign (INDD CC and IDML at CS4 or higher). It has adjustable color schemes, organized layers, grid styles, two date styles, and paragraph styles. This is great for keeping track of your contacts, planning throughout the year, and quick personal information referencing.

Blank Printable Weekly Planner Template 2016Blank Printable Weekly Planner Template 2016Blank Printable Weekly Planner Template 2016
Blank Weekly Planner Template - 2016. Ready to print.

9. Monthly Planner 2016 + A3 Monthly Wall Poster

This is a set of printable monthly calendar posters in a traditional style, with twelve posters, one for each month. Every month is colored differently with US holidays, and space to add notes for each day of the month. There are also three colors sets to choose from. The file format is vector EPS and editable in Adobe Illustrator. It’s setup with bleeds, trim lines, organized files, and other easy to print features. You can readily add your company name, insert your contact info, then print and give these away to your clients or team.

Printable Monthly Planner Poster 2016Printable Monthly Planner Poster 2016Printable Monthly Planner Poster 2016
Blank Monthly Planner for 2016 - Printable Wall Poster.

10. Desk Calendar for 2016 with Photos Featured

This desktop calendar template is just what you need for 2016 if you’d like to put your business in front of your customers year round. This template includes 13 pages and is set up professionally with smart objects, easy to edit fonts, and color changes. There are multiple formats includes for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You can insert your logo and company images and then you’re ready to print.

Desktop Monthly Calendar - Printable Blank 2016Desktop Monthly Calendar - Printable Blank 2016Desktop Monthly Calendar - Printable Blank 2016
Printable Desktop Monthly Calendar - for 2016

11. Desk Calendar Template 2016 - Metro Blocks Style

This desk calendar template has a dynamic box style design. The size is 197×110mm (7,55×4,33inch) and it folds to stand up on a desk. If features multiple international options with 10 country’s holidays and observances and 7 different languages choices, such as English, French, Italian and more. It has a clean modern layout and is easy to customize. It Includes InDesign, EPS and PDF files.

Printable Monthly Desk Calendar - 2016Printable Monthly Desk Calendar - 2016Printable Monthly Desk Calendar - 2016
Printable Monthly Desk Calendar - 2016.

12. Simple, Clean Daily Agenda Template for 2016

This is a simple, clean and professional agenda template. It’s easy to use, just insert your logo and images, then it’s ready to print. The print dimensions are A5, at 148×210 mm (5.8×8.2 inches). It’s setup in InDesign with CMYK setup and 300DPI optimized. In addition to a full 2016 and 2017 calendar, it also includes US holiday format options.

Printable Daily Planner Template - 2016Printable Daily Planner Template - 2016Printable Daily Planner Template - 2016
Printable, Blank Daily Planner Template - 2016.

13. DIY Planner - Calendar Template for 2016 and 2017 - A5

If you’re looking for a planner template organizer to set your goals and improve your productivity, this a great option. This is a modern design style and includes files for InDesign CS4 or later. It includes versions for both 2016 and 2017.

This printable planner template includes fields to track your daily agenda, monthly and weekly goals, set resolutions, build your habits, track important calendar dates, check off custom lists, and more. Simply drag and drop your images, change your color scheme to match your brand, and it’s ready to print. Or you can readily customize it to your exact needs.

Printable DIY Daily Planner Template - 2016 to 2017Printable DIY Daily Planner Template - 2016 to 2017Printable DIY Daily Planner Template - 2016 to 2017
Printable DIY Daily Planner Template - 2016 to 2017.

14. Business Card with 2016 Calendar

This is a modern business card template. It includes a back of card design with a complete 2016 calendar option. This pocket calendar is a handy reference and makes your business card a bit more functional for those you share it with. You can easily edit the card in InDesign: add your info, customize the colors, choose the dark or light background, add your logo, and get it off to the printers.

Business Card with Printable 2016 Monthly CalendarBusiness Card with Printable 2016 Monthly CalendarBusiness Card with Printable 2016 Monthly Calendar
Business Card with Printable 2016 Monthly Calendar.

15. Pocket Calendar 2016 - 2017, Metro Style

If you need a new business card, then this is another modern design template that includes a full 2016 pocket calendar. The week can be set to start on either Monday or Sunday. It has a clean layout with full character strip and the cell styles are organised and grouped. It’s easy to customize and output for 300 DPI, CMYK printing. It includes InDesign and EPS files.

Printable Pocket Calendar Template - 2016Printable Pocket Calendar Template - 2016Printable Pocket Calendar Template - 2016
Printable Pocket Calendar Template - 2016.

How to Customize Your Calendar or Planner Template

Here are five quick-fire tips on how to get started customizing your calendar or planner template.

1. Choose the Best Template Type for Your Needs

There are a whole lot of template types to choose from. A number of choices are featured above. It can be tough to choose though. You first want to think about what format will fit your goals best?

A business card with a pocket calendar will serve a much different purpose than a large format yearly wall calendar. They both have dates on them, but make a significantly different impact. Consider what you want to use a calendar or planner for, whether that’s personal use or to drive marketing results.

After you’ve narrowed down the type of template you’re looking for, next it’s time to dig into design choices.

2. Start with a Design that Fits Your Goals

There are many styles of calendar templates on GraphicRiver. You may want a small business desktop calendar, or a monthly calendar that has a colorful office design, or a wall calendar poster made to feature your company’s photos.

When deconstructing the design options look at the color, font, image use and overall feel of the design. Ask yourself the question, “Does this fit my brand?” If so, that’s likely the right template for you. Choose one that feels on target with your goals and will represent your business professionally.

3. Add Your Brand Assets and Customize

Another consideration is what assets will the template require and how will you customize it? Most of these templates are made for Adobe InDesign, so you may need that program to customize your calendar or planner template. Or you can work with your printer instead. That’s a viable option.

They can set up, customize, work with all your assets, and get your calendar or planner printed professionally. Your printer can also advise you on what size they’ll need your photos in and what format to send your logo over as. We also offer setup services and design customization at Envato Studio.

4. Insert Your Unique Information

In addition to adding your basic assets like photos or your company’s logo, you also want to consider any deeper customization you want to add to your calendar or planner. It could be special dates that you want your customers to know about, upcoming deadlines for your team, international holidays, or other special dates that are unique to your company or niche. 

Any custom information you want can be added. Just open the template files and customize it yourself or work with a professional to add it for you.

5. Print and Put to Use

The New Year offers an opportunity to put together high-value packages for your employees or clients. Now is a great time to work on putting together what should go out, could be a bottle of wine you package with your well-branded calendar.

Plan ahead to get your template printed and out the door. There are plenty of online print companies you can make use of or work with your local printer.

Any one of the printable calendar templates referenced in this article could be just the right fit for your needs. Just add your business information and brand assets to these pro designs, then you’re ready to print, ship, and drive a result!

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