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Fundamentals of Print Design

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Time to take your designs from the screen to the printed page? In Fundamentals of Print Design, Nicki Hart of DesignLikeAPro is here to help you understand how to craft an effective design for the page. From design concept to pre-press, you’ll get a grasp on design concerns particular to print, preparing a usable concept, and get started creating your first brochure project in InDesign.

Over 3 hours of Video Lessons

With Nicki Hart, you will embark on an adventure in print design that will cover everything from design elements and principles to creating a real print project in InDesign. Best of all, you’ll learn everything you need to get started in print design and how to apply your new skills to any future print project.

Fundamentals of Print Design

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But the best part is that, every month, we're adding as many as five new in depth courses on the skills that you want to learn. October's course coming soon will include: Designing Web Forms with Ryan Quintal, Producing & Selling Graphic Stock with Ben Gribbin, Working with Clients (and Getting Paid!) with Wes McDowell and many more! Why not check out the many video courses available and they are not just limited to Adobe InDesign & Adobe Illustrator!

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