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Free Resources for Adobe Illustrator on DeviantART

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DeviantART released their group's platform this time last year. It's spawned 1,000's of groups ranging from digital art groups to fan art groups. Let me introduce you to the only Adobe Illustrator resources focused group on DA and some of it's many AI resources.


After DeviantART released their group's platform this time last year, I took the opportunity to start a group to act as a hub or a listing of Adobe Illustrator resources available on DeviantART to download. It's called AI-Resources.

The content is split into five galleries: Tutorials, Brushes, Patterns, Downloadable Files and Off DeviantART content. I'm going to show you just some of the content available to download for free.

Please Note: Some resources may require DeviantART membership, which is free. This is down to the artists' discretion. Always read the resource rules of the content provided before use, as some files may be for educational use only.

Tutorials and Walkthroughs

The group has a collection of tutorials and walkthroughs provided by it's members. They range from small tips and tricks, to full walkthroughs of pieces of vector art.

Adam's Apple: Walkthrough tutorial by DeviantJC

Gradients for Beginners 1 by Katyorr

Vector painting Tutorial by Ryannzha

Pattern Brush Tutorial by OvelhaNegra


Brushes can be created to produce special effects, duplicate elements with ease and more. Members often wish to show off these elements and share them with members alongside their vector art. They range from simple to specialist brushes.

Celtic Border brush v2 by Shurakai-Zero

Abstract brushes 2.0 by HumanNature84

illustrator brush set 3 by NRMB

Candy Cane Brush by Pica-ae


Patterns are useful for backgrounds and for texture elements within an illustration. It's an art in itself to create a seamless vector pattern.

Fifties Wallpaper Pattern by AssEyeDee

52 Halftone Patterns by Faeriedreamer

Illustrator Sashiko Patterns by ShoriAmeshiko

r2010 pattern pack 1 by R2010

Downloadable Files

You can download a variety of files ranging from icons and finished pieces of art. The majority are for educational use and give excellent insight into how some great artists work.

Blonde on Blue Vector Remix by ChewedKandi

Notebook Stock.ai by Enigmasi

Mushroom Vector Pack by Rstovall

Ai File by LimKis


The group is run by fellow members who are passionate about creating tutorials and resources. It's content is approved by a small group of members who only accept content for Adobe Illustrator. It's now watched by over 1,000 DeviantART members and is the only Illustrator resource focused group on DeviantART.

The group welcomes new members and contributions to its gallery. So if you're an Adobe Illustrator user, then you're more than welcome to join our group and/or contribute to its ever growing resources. If you've got more than a few Adobe Illustrator resources in your DeviantART gallery, please feel free to contact me via my DA account and I'll be happy to give you a Contributor rank within the group.

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