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Free Art from Mixkit: 3 Artists You Should Know

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Have you discovered the wondrous free art at Mixkit? From illustration to high-quality video, Mixkit artists create amazing royalty-free graphics for all your projects.

Mixkit Illustration: 3 Artists You Should Follow

The art community is a generous one. Artists have always been willing to share their resources to help other creatives expand their potential. And now you can do even more with Mixkit.

So What Is Mixkit?

Mixkit is a curated gallery of some of the world's most creative artists offering their illustrations and videos for free! Use these stocks to amplify your feeds, branding, or personal work.

And today, we're featuring three incredible Mixkit artists who've shared their work for you to play and experiment with. Explore the process and fantastic illustration styles from artists like Lauren Bending, Supriya Bhonsle, and L Schissel.

Lauren Bending

Melbourne-based illustrator and graphic designer Lauren Bending kicks us off with her bright, eye-catching watercolor style. Get to know her process and download these great graphics!

Find more of Lauren's work below:

Dreaming Woman

Artists all have to start somewhere, and for Lauren it began at a young age, fueled by her love of horses:

I think I started to really get into it when I was about 6 or 7. I  was absolutely OBSESSED with horses...I would come home after school, and go straight to the horse racing section at the back of the newspaper, and cut out all the pictures of the horses.

Then I would sit for hours drawing horse after horse, and it went on like this for honestly, years! Eventually I got pretty good, so then I moved onto portraits and did the same thing. I drew them over and over until I was pretty good, then on to the next thing.
Dreaming WomanDreaming WomanDreaming Woman
Download this royalty free Dreaming Woman.

Colorful Mountain Range

Her artistic process is simple: just get into a really clean and bright workspace, set up all the equipment, put some music on, and start drawing.

I always start with a concept, or an intention, and then the end result can, most often than not, be completely different!
Colorful Mountain RangeColorful Mountain RangeColorful Mountain Range
Download this royalty free Colorful Mountain Range.

Cross Section of Two Shells

Art can be so powerful. See if you can relate to this "BAM!" moment on a visit to an art gallery.

When I was about 17, my mum took me to Paris. There was an Impressionists exhibition on at Musée d’Orsay, and Renoir was one of the artists. I remembered learning about one of his most famous paintings, ‘Bal du moulin de la Galette’, in high school.
I was walking through the exhibition, admiring all the beautiful paintings, and then BAM! There it was! Right there in the middle of the room, nearly 2m wide, and staring me right in the face. I must have stood stuck there for nearly 15 minutes, the whole time with tears rolling down my face. I never understood until that moment what Impressionism meant. The way the use of light made the canvas come to life, is something I will always remember.
Cross Section of Two ShellsCross Section of Two ShellsCross Section of Two Shells
Download this royalty free Cross Section of Two Shells.

Bright Watercolor Portrait

Here's Lauren's inspirational advice for aspiring artists:

Just keep creating! As long as you are creating, drawing, sculpting, etc, then new ideas and new ways of thinking will present themselves.

Nothing ever changes if nothing changes! So keep looking, keep being inspired, and keep questioning and pushing your talent.
Bright Watercolor PortraitBright Watercolor PortraitBright Watercolor Portrait
Download this royalty free Bright Watercolor Portrait.

Supriya Bhonsle

Illustrator and motion designer Supriya Bhonsle is our next fantastic feature from Sydney, Australia. Her engaging illustrative style is fun and colorful, and brings the audience into a cozy world with familiar feelings.

Find more of Supriya's work below:

Reading a Book Wrapped in Warm Blankets

Supriya is a Sydney-based freelance motion graphics designer. With a background in Visual Communications, she works on a range of projects like TV commercials, explainer videos, broadcast graphics, branded content, and illustration.

Reading a Book Wrapped in Warm BlanketsReading a Book Wrapped in Warm BlanketsReading a Book Wrapped in Warm Blankets
Download this royalty-free Reading a Book Wrapped in Warm Blankets.

Empty Train Digital Art Illustration

Although her process is different for every job and depends on what her role is, Supriya says one thing always remains constant:

One over-arching principle is to always prioritize the message.
Empty Train Digital Art IllustrationEmpty Train Digital Art IllustrationEmpty Train Digital Art Illustration
Download this royalty free Empty Train Digital Art Illustration.  

Woman Falling Through the Cracks

Although we often make art alone, it's best when it's shared—that's the whole philosophy behind Mixkit, and it's something Supriya believes too.

Seeing something you’ve made out in the world is always a nice surprise. There is a lot of novelty in what I do so most jobs are memorable, especially when I have the privilege of working with friends.
Woman Falling Through the CracksWoman Falling Through the CracksWoman Falling Through the Cracks
Download this royalty free Woman Falling Through the Cracks.

Couple Walking Arm in Arm

Want your work to have an impact? Try to stake out new ground and ensure your art represents all kinds of different people.

Veer away from representing the over represented. The world would be a better place if the media/art/advertising we put out there is more inclusive and representative of the diversity that surrounds us.

Also, you can learn something from everyone so soak up as much knowledge as you can from your coworkers, don’t be precious about your work and just keep making stuff—even if it's bad.
Couple Walking Arm in ArmCouple Walking Arm in ArmCouple Walking Arm in Arm
Download this royalty free Couple Walking Arm in Arm.

L Schlissel

Our final feature belongs to the talented L Schlissel. This freelance illustrator and graphic designer creates phenomenally colored digital graphics of everyday scenes and powerful moments.

Find more of L's work below:

Dream Illustration

From comics to Belgian Surrealism, it's been quite a journey for L Schlissel:

I always loved comics and cartoons as a child but became interested in illustration when I was in high school and discovered René Magritte. I thought his paintings were brilliant and they really spoke to me.
Dream IllustrationDream IllustrationDream Illustration
Download this royalty free Dream Illustration.

Winter Playground

After art school in New York, L worked a variety of jobs as a graphic designer or illustrator with a focus on children's illustration, as well as creating worksheets and educational materials for several companies.

My process starts with gathering inspiration and references then a loose sketch. I mostly use Adobe Illustrator to build the basic shapes and color palette. After I'm satisfied I build up the details and patterns then add some texture.
Winter PlaygroundWinter PlaygroundWinter Playground
Download this royalty free Winter Playground.

Summertime Illustration

What could be better than art and travel? Even in this internet age when artworks are available at the touch of a button, sometimes it's worth going to see the original.

My most memorable experiences were traveling abroad to see art. Years ago I studied in Italy for a month and was able to see a lot of famous works from the Renaissance. More recently I went to Japan and saw an incredible exhibit on Hokusai.
Summertime IllustrationSummertime IllustrationSummertime Illustration
Download this royalty free Summertime Illustration.

Woman in Profile Illustration

Are you waiting for inspiration to strike you? Don't wait any longer—go out and find it!

Inspiration is everywhere, don't wait for it to find you. Go out and search for it in the flowers, in people, in the little details you never noticed. Keep creating and study other artists.
Woman in Profile IllustrationWoman in Profile IllustrationWoman in Profile Illustration
Download this royalty-free Woman in Profile Illustration.

Get Involved! How You Can Use Mixkit

Art should be shared, so let your art see the world. Expand your business and make new friends! Submit your graphics to Mixkit and have fun.

Want your work to be considered for Mixkit? Learn how to contribute your unique style below:

Many thanks to the artists who lent their beautiful work to this piece. Support their work by sharing this post, and remember to find them at these links:

Love this series? Find more creative features below:

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