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Freaky and Bizarre Animal Mashups by Human Descent

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One of the best things about Photoshop is that it allows us to combine more than one photo to create an entirely new image. This can be done with landscapes, people, and even animals. In this article, we will showcase the work of Human Descent, a photo manipulator who has managed to create hundreds of new species using the power of Photoshop. Let's take a look!

Frederick the Fruck

This image combines a duck and a frog.

Roaring Liog

This frog was combined with a lion.


This breed of frog has huge teeth.


A rabbit combined with a baby chicken.

Hummingwolf Bird

This is what a humming bird and a wolf would look like.


This is what a dog and a penquin would look like.


This cat has been combined with a gecko.

Friendly but Smelly

In this composite, a dog and a llama have been combined.


This marriage of a leopard and alligator looks terrifying.


If penguins and roosters could be combined, this is what it would look like.


This dog must have an incredible sense of hearing.


This is what a penguin would look like if combined with another breed of dog.

Prairie Chick

If you combined a prarie dog and a chicken, this is what it might look like.


If squirrels had teeth like this, we might take them a bit more seriously.


It is unclear if this breed of monkey and rat would throw feces at you.

Hatched Chog

What came first? The chickendog or the egg?


Not to be confused with a squirrel-rat, this squirrel was combined with a cat.

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