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Hey folks! A quick update from me to interrupt Sean's schedule. I wanted to show off a new design that's just gone live for our sister site FlashDen! It's a big rejig of the site which took the team almost two weeks to complete, but is now happily out on the wilds of the Web.

FlashDen is a project that I and three others started almost two years ago. It's grown really large now and has given us the resources to open up sites like Psdtuts+. So though I don't normally push the link here too much, you could say it's our original sponsor :-)

Also over at NETTUTS we've got an article I wrote about tips for Web designers working on large sites. And as I write this it's high up on Digg with 166 Diggs but not on the front page, so if you are a Digger, be sure to vote for the story if you enjoy it, I'm hoping that NETTUTS will have its first big traffic hit (and terrified that the server will fall over if it does!)

And now back to your regular Psdtuts+ broadcast ...

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