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Fan Art From Popular Nerd Franchises

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There are no shortages of nerdy movies on the big screen these days. In this web round up we will feature some of our favorite fan art from some of your favorite nerd franchises. Pieces included in this showcase will include Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, and many more. Please take a moment to review this fantastic showcase of nerd fan art.

Boba Fett by Jamga

We start this collection off featuring an awesome painting of everyone's favorite space bounty hunter Boba Fett. The painting itself is stunning with an equally amazing backdrop. The details on Fett are just as great as the whole atmosphere.

Star Trek TOS Away Team by Dennis Budd

The 3 most popular members of the Star Trek cast are seen here in this piece of fan art. The comic book style of illustration definitely gives it a fresh look since we have never seen these guys in a comic.

Neytiri by Okiran

Many digital painters love drawing and illustrating the characters from Avatar, and when looking at this specific piece we can see why. All the markings and textures of this alien race lead to a very interesting painting that when executed correctly can look amazing, and this is a great example.

New Iron Man by Jeremy Roberts

Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark or Iron Man is seen here. This portrait does it job perfectly, give the viewers a look at the new Iron Man they will be seeing in theatres quite frequently, the element of realism also makes this painting top notch.

Naughty Yoda by Sergey Rumyantsev

Art is where people can get very creative and unique and this is a cool example. One Star Wars fan asked the question; what if Yoda went to the dark side? And this is the result, great execution with a funny idea.

Jonboys Vader by Phil Porchrzast

Moving on in the Star Wars universe we can see the real Vader in this illustration which once again features a comic book style of drawing and coloring.

Satin Himself by Darcey Skelly

This simple yet effective portrait features none other than Spock of Star Trek. The painter captured the expression perfectly and did a great job with the whole painting.

Spectacular Spiderman by Edgar Delgado

Peter Parkers Spidey Sense is going off in this illustration. We are accustomed to seeing this hero in a comic book setting so we are not surprised by that, but the illustrator still does a fantastic job with the coloring and overall execution.

Harry Potter by Reilly Brown

With the Harry Potter franchise coming to an end soon it is fitting to add this piece of fan art to the collection. Although not as realistic looking as some would like this is still a solid group painting of the three wizards.

Indiana Jones by Renato Guedes

The latest Indiana Jones film gets the fan art treatment here with a simple piece. The detail and coloring put into this painting really make it stand out, overall a solid piece.

Batman Forever by Erik Von Lehmann

The Dark Knight is featured in this piece of fan art and is looking very sharp. The whole scene looks fantastic as the iconic bats flutter around the even more iconic hero. The dark tones used really give this piece a feeling of darkness when it's all put together and that's what makes it awesome.

Boba Fett by Daniel LuVisi

More Boba Fett fan art for the Star Wars fans, and this one doesn't skimp on the detail. Digital painter Daniel LuVisi never seems to disappoint with his extremely detailed paintings and this one is just another example of fantastic fan art.

Avatar by Simon Buckroyd

Here we have some more Avatar fan art and it features an array of beautiful vibrant colors that are blended together to perfection.

Transformers by Shane Madden

This piece of Transformers fan art looks a lot like a movie poster but no one is complaining when it looks this great. All the colors are on point as well as all the detail in every character featured in the painting.

Wolverine by Patrick Brown

A bit of Wolverine's origins are seen here in this painting. Although its a bit more cartoonish than we are accustomed to with Wolverine Origins artwork this still does the job perfectly as it conveys emotion from the hero while still having fantastic composition in the painting itself.

Transformers by Spirapride

This huge Transformers painting features a stunning scene of two massive robots fighting. This action shot from one of the movies looks amazing when seen in full resolution so make sure to head over to the DA page and check it out in all of its glory.

Back To The Future by Anthony Geoffroy

Our two favorite time travelers are seen here in an amusing caricature. Even though its intended to go over the lines of realism the artist still does a great job adding in detail after detail to give them a lively look even though they are all disproportionate.

Indiana Jones by DennisBudd

The famous Indiana Jones whip is featured here in this piece of fan art. Once again we see the all-popular comic book style of painting; the designer still does a great job to capture the action of the whip as well as give us some cool Egyptian backdrop to look at.

Transformers G1 by SiegeRedwolf

This cool futuristic looking piece of fan art gets featured because of the great overall execution of the piece. Optimus Prime is painted to perfection along with the rest of the setting in this scene.

The Future, The Future by RayFunNoey

Lastly we feature some more Back to The Future fan art and this one is very vibrant and colorful. The artist does an amazing job at picking these sharp and bright colors and then mixing them into the back while showcasing the two main stars. This is another great piece of fan art.

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