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Exclusive Wallpaper by Ee Venn Soh

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Read Time: 3 mins

Another extremely talented designer by the name of Ee Venn Soh has volunteered to create an exclusive wallpaper for the readers of PsdTuts+. This month’s exclusive wallpaper features an awesome combination of colorful and exotic images that form "YAW You Are We". We also catch up with Ee Venn Soh and talk about his design career since his last interview with over a year ago.

Exclusive Wallpaper - YAW You Are We

A Short Interview

Q What has been going on with you since our last interview?

Since my last interview back in June 2009, many things have happened. I have finished my study in Computer Science and graduated last May. I have worked in Ogilvy Malaysia and Resn New Zealand as an intern. During my internship, I got the pleasure to work with many high profile clients such as Guinness, Heineken, Johnnie Walker, Adobe, Puma, Toyota and MySpace. My duties involved creative design and digital production. Currently I am based in New Zealand. I am working as a designer and developer.

Q Do you have any new illustrations or projects you would like to show us? If so could you talk a little about the creation process?

When I was serving Resn. I was inspired and motivated by the works of Resn. While still trying to be original and keeping hold on to my belief and style, I siphoned what I have grasped and blended them into my works. I constantly pursue change and experiment with different style. I have developed a set of new vocabulary call the "Resn-fy". Resn is about being alive, bold and raw. The visual strategy is to use drawings, texture, irregular patterns and shapes that are self-generative to reflect the ever changing nature of its complexity. It has a preference towards ugly beauty which is delivering the unexpected and being a nonconformist. Having a series of imagination but which is not practical when it comes to real situation.


Q Your design style has definitely evolved since we last talked, what are a few major lessons you have learned pertaining your artwork?

It is absurd to be loyal to a style. It does not deserve your loyalty. Stylistic shift happens all the time and people get tired when they see too much of a same thing. When you feel that you are comfortable with a particular style that signals the time you should be pursuing a change. It is about constantly striving for excellence in your practice and always looking to innovate. Experiment with new style creates a heightened sense of motivation, generating spontaneous plans of action. This level of excitement and enthusiasm could sustain longevity in designing.

Q Tips for upcoming artists and designers?

Do keep in mind that memorable never emerged from a formula. Do things that inspire people and emerge as a distinctive personality. Never pursue a style or get yourself preoccupied with technical skills. You will get drowned by superficialities and the hardening of creative arteries will begin to set in. Thanks!

Special Thanks to Ee Venn Soh

Once again I'd like to thank Ee Venn Soh for participating and giving the readers an awesome new wallpaper for their desktops. Please make sure to visit his portfolio and check out some of his great art.

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