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Illustrator Version: CS
No. in set: over 90
License: See Download

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New Exclusive Illustrator Watercolor Brushes

This is the first of upcoming Illustrator Brushes from VECTORTUTS. We have a new set of Illustrator brushes for you. If your looking to add a natural media feel to your vector illustrations, then this is a high-quality freebie to get your hands on. It's a huge set of brushes for you to grab.

This new Vector Freebie was created by Grant Friedman of Colorburned. He has been cranking out all sorts of vector and other freebies on his blog, we're excited to partner up with him on this release. There are over 90 brushes in this set, which makes it quite a large collection. Download them and have some fun!

Premium Illustrator Brushes From Envato Market

Need more brushes to add to your design arsenal? Then check out our epic selection of Adobe Illustrator Brushes available on Envato Elements.

Hand-Painted Illustrator Art Brushes

Create a vector masterpiece just like your favorite artists! The brushes in this pack are great for painting, text highlighting, adding rough edges to shapes, and more. They're compatible with any version of Illustrator from CS1 onwards, and they're very easy to use and customize! Take your vector illustrations to the next level with this amazing set.

Hand-Painted Illustrator Art BrushesHand-Painted Illustrator Art BrushesHand-Painted Illustrator Art Brushes

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