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Exclusive Freebie Pack – Spooky Halloween


We have a new set of vector illustrations available exclusively from Vectortuts+ as a freebie for anyone to download. Crafted by Iaroslav Lazunov, you will find a great selection of Halloween vectors. These designs are perfect for postcards, posters and flyers for a Halloween party. Learn more at the jump!

New Exclusive Freebie - Vector Illustrations

There are ten vector illustrations in this pack. The license allows these illustrations to be used in your commercial client projects as well, see the download file for details. Below is a group of detailed vector Halloween Illustration, which can be colored any way you choose, as it's all vector (in EPS and AI format)!


This Exclusive Vector Freebie Pack is created by Iaroslav Lazunov . Iaroslav writes numerous tutorials for Vectortuts+. We're excited to partner up with him on this Exclusive Freebie release!

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