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Exclusive Freebie: Mobile Phone Icon Pack

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It is always helpful to have a nice collection of icons standing by for whenever you might need them. Today, we’ve got an exciting set of exclusive icons to give away to our readers for free. This set contains 10 icons in AI and PNG formats that you can drop into your designs. This icon set contains some of the most popular phones available including the iPhone 4, Blackberry Bold, Motorola Droid, HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Captivate, Acer Stream, LG Fathom, Nokia N8, Sony Ericsson Vivaz, and the Microsoft Kin.

10 Mobile Phone Icons

This set includes 10 icons in AI and PNG formats at 512 x 512 pixels.


This exclusive set of Mobile Phone Icons was created by Icon Shock. We are very pleased to partner up with them on the release of this set.

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